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Wouldn't it be AMAZING to see your business growth activity lead to 10 times your current results?

That's what happens when you amplify!  I've put together a 7 day e-course covering my 7 fastest Authority Amplifiers PROVEN to expand your impact, authority -- and income -- without pushing and forcing results.

And the bonus: You'll get an invite to my fast-growing community of influencers, change-makers, and emerging business leaders where we:

  • Get Connected to Others and Eliminate "Expert Isolation" Syndrome
  • Open Doors to Collaboration and Partnerships That Can Accelerate Your Business Growth
  • Access to Private Trainings and Proven-Growth Strategies
  • Opportunities to Showcase Your Expertise and Authority

Every day of the week you'll have a chance to connect and engage with others on this path to making a BIG difference doing what they love.

Tuesday's are "Promote You" Days so watch for the opportunity to post about YOU (and don't miss our monthly LIVE Virtual Networking!)

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Hey, it’s Melanie Benson here, Host of Amplify Your Success Podcast, and I’ve spent over 18 years coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to increase their business revenues - and create a sustainable business that they LOVE.

If you know how it feels to work super hard but still not have enough money in the bank, and wonder if you are ever going to have the impact your heart yearns for, then you are facing the same dilemma as many other entrepreneurs. I’ve coached business leaders who simply had an unexpected bad month and need a quick cash injection -- as well as chronic cash flow challenged entrepreneurs who need a better way to increase revenues -- and have turned to ten proven strategies to increase cash flow on demand.

As an internationally known Revenue Strategist and Business Performance Optimizer, I have coached thousands of entrepreneurs into breaking six and seven figures in their own business. Every entrepreneur faces cash flow challenges, and the key is to have access to proven strategies to boost revenues when you need it most. Join us and I'll make sure you have access to some of the BEST resources, strategy and connections available -- absolutely FREE!