You thought growing a business around your expertise would be SO much easier, didn't you?

You have so many talents and gifts to share with the world.

So why do you feel invisible, passed over by your ideal clients as they race towards those flashy marketers (who deep down inside you know don't deliver a FRACTION of the awesomeness you do.)

I’m guessing that...

You crave having someone to take care of all of the "business-y stuff" so you can spend more time on the things you love most...your superpowers, your genius work that made you want to start a business in the first place.
But lately? No matter what hat you wear, you’re working harder and feeling more overwhelmed.
Even when your business grows, you have a feeling in your gut that something’s off-track. A feeling that something’s missing, or out of alignment, that keeps you from taking it to the next level. And you’re not even sure why.

Because of this, you don’t know how to get your big ideas off the ground. You may not even feel like you’re being the best boss, partner, coach or even friend these days.

And it’s left you uninspired, drained, and a little anxious (or maybe a lot!)

But knowing what isn’t working doesn’t move your business or life forward. You know what got you here, won’t take you there. So how do you create a business that can leave a significant mark in the world, generate a good income AND grow with more grace and ease?

First, let's check in to see if my Amplify Principles could serve you where you are right now:

  • Do you crave a more sustainable approach to business growth that feels less like pushing boulders uphill and more like you are in flow?
  • Are you experiencing a few successes followed by frustrating stuck sales, launches that don't perform and marketing campaigns that drip a few clients in the door (when you imagined a big smash hit?
  • When you imagine elevating your results, do doubts, fears and the worry of making a costly mistake slam the brakes on (like you get totally paralyzed or overthink your strategy to death?)
  • Do you work tirelessly on visibility campaigns only to feel completely invisible or passed by on opportunities that are perfect for you?
  • Are you working more than 40 hours a week, delivering a service, and you wonder how on earth you could ever generate more income at this pace?
  • You seem to be chasing some ever-elusive finish line, but you don’t have any more gas left

Introducing The Amplify Mastermind

You don’t have to push so hard anymore. Or, go at it alone.

If you have a bold vision that’s bigger than you, but you’re not getting results fast enough, apply for The Amplify Mastermind with me.

We’re a unique hybrid of coaching, training and mastermind, designed to work in tandem with your unique superpowers and profit-accelerating amplifiers to accelerate results.


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You've got this. Truly you do. But leveraging the power of a mastermind can make this journey a MILLION times easier.

I’m Melanie Benson. I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business leaders for almost 20 years. Before that, I spent 12 years in corporate America. I've experienced profound success, discovering how to leverage certain Amplifiers at the right time helped me create a really successful coaching business.

And I also know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed. Not sure what to do next. Every business goes through ups and downs. Some more down than up, right? Wouldn't it be invaluable to uncover YOUR unique strategy to be seen as an industry leader, spending more time in the activities that FEED YOUR SOUL, and knowing that you are creating sustainable wealth and success (not to mention transforming lives of your most ideal clients along the way?)

The Amplify Mastermind is how I can help YOU best.

From uncovering your unique profit amplifier, to crafting your most compelling visibility platforms (you know, the kind that act like a magnet to perfect clients who are excited to pay top dollar to work with you), to breakthrough inner game techniques that help your brain catch up with your goals and feel aligned  — and transform you into a superpowered, influential industry leader.

Imagine this...

  • Feeling free, and excited about the possibilities and opportunities and ready to take action and create the business you envision.
  • Learning proven strategies that will increase your revenue, broaden your reach and become the business leader and influencer you want to be in your industry. No more winging it or trying random tactics and hoping they work! Bye bye shiny objects!
  • Being seen everywhere so you are sought-after by premier podcast hosts, event producers and industry leaders looking to share your genius and expertise with their community!
  • Embodying that sense of clarity and confidence to accelerate progress and make decisions that will move the needle, lessen your stress and speed up cash flow.
  • Re-igniting the passion you have for your purpose, the reason you started your business and impact more people in the world.
  • Finally creating a business that doesn't feel overwhelming and complicated -- that attracts PERFECT ideal clients you LOVE working with!

Honestly, it doesn't have to be that complicated anymore.


Let's Activate The Most Powerful Version of You...

What’s been missing? Maybe it's the real, authentic you. The most powerful version of you. A you that is confident, content and courageous. A version of success that allows you to achieve new levels...with less friction and more grace.

It isn’t that you are not capable. It’s quite the opposite. You already have incredible skills, experience and passion. They’re just dormant. Untapped.

The power you need to succeed is already within you. Imagine how your business could be transformed if you could access a reliable, sustainable system that aligns your values, goals and unique energy — so you can have the clear vision to elevate your life and business to its greatest potential.


Why change? Why now?

As driven entrepreneurs, we’ve been sold (and believe) the story and myth that we have to sacrifice our personal well-being to create financial success.

Yet, somehow we end up feeling like we’re only at the edge of our potential, riding a continuous cash-flow rollercoaster that’s both inconsistent and infuriating.

What comes at the cost of buying into that myth? Your family, your co-workers, your relationships? You?

Great impact isn’t always about ROI. It’s also about being a good leader and human. Someone who inspires positive change. Now, more than ever, the world needs influential leaders who are a force for good — and who lead others to navigate opportunities and challenges with equal amounts of integrity and resiliency.

Together, with the right combination of clarity, momentum and focus, the Amplify Mastermind is a catalyst for human potential and significance.

It's time to become confident and bold enough to make decisions that transform your business and life exponentially.

The world needs more people like you. The change makers, the influential leaders who have the tools to elevate others, transform lives and create sustainable good.

But you can’t do that if you don’t do it for yourself first.

“I'm Tripling My Income!”

“Before I started working with Melanie, I knew it was time to move my business from working harder to working smarter. I was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do to create my desired income.

Following her advice, in a few short months, I was able to create a plan, launch my new business, and finally create leveraged income. I’m on track to triple my income in the next year.”

Tracey Ehman, Keyword Marketing Secrets

The Amplify Mastermind is a space for customized guidance, support and training to discover simple ways to accelerate profitable results !

This mastermind isn’t about adding more work or following a cookie-cutter approach, or using get-rich blueprints that are not sustainable. It’s about discovering and activating the most powerful part of you in a simple way that produces EXPANSIVENESS…the part that needs a gentle nudge (or maybe a serious push) to move you beyond what you've believed you could accomplish.

  • Combine proven, practical growth strategies from my 20 years of business success and customize them to YOUR unique talents and ideal audience.
  • Gain momentum, confidence and strength with aligned decisions and a compelling bold vision.
  • Tap into the bold inspiration and new techniques and resources from your peers in a confidential, no-fail environment.
  • Become a powerful, fierce influential business leader who is capable of shattering limits and accomplishing WAY more than you ever thought possible.
  • Expand your reach, influence and authority with an Influence Platform that becomes your Ideal Client Magnet!
  • Experience new levels of cash flow by learning how to package and enroll ideal clients in premium offerings.

"High Payoff Opportunities Led to Doubling My Six Figure Business"

"Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business. When I give her money I make a heck of a lot more money!"

Brian Kaskavalciyan, G4 Marketing

You can't achieve your next level of success the same way you got here.

It's Time For A New Set of Rules.

Amplify your superpowers, simplify your business growth. Just listen in to some of my mastermind members...

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DEB COMAN, Content Conversion Strategist,
shares how this mastermind has helped transform her business!

LINDA BERTAUT, Owner of Chakralicious
shares her big financial pivot!

NATALIE GREEN, Betta Life, Australia,
on how coaching transformed her clarity -- and aligned with her purpose.

SHARON CHRISTIE, The Lawyer with a Life,
How this Mastermind keeps your accountable!

The 6 Core Amplify Pillars

To Amplify, you must integrate and optimize six key pillars in your business.

When all six pillars are optimally firing, you’ll experience a constant flow of ideal opportunities and exponential growth.

Ultimately, you'll stop struggling in obscurity and experience profitable results -- and be seen as an industry leader!

The Amplify Mastermind is unique! Its not just a group coaching program, but a customized and intimate year long "incubator" to help you accomplish what you've felt was out of reach!

Here's a snapshot of what you'll have access to in this program with me:

Amplify Inner Circle

As a member in the Amplify Mastermind, you'll also receive access to the Amplify Inner Circle ($1997 value.) This program includes two calls a month -- one to Supercharge You and your Mindset, the second to explore an Amplify Strategy and Q&A.

You'll have access to all the trainings in the Learning Library, the annual virtual retreat (which will normally lead right into our 2 day retreat) and the special Amplify Activations and other resources made available.


The Amplify Mastermind is designed to Elevate You and your Results...

Here's my Secret Formula:

Emotional Support: I combine the emotional support you crave as an entrepreneur (cause let's face it, most of us work on our own and the people closest to us don't "get it") with 

Practical Proven Strategies: which is why I developed a systematic approach that aligns your Superpowers with Market Needs and Profit Potential  — so your effort is exponentially more productive and transformative. Plus... 

Magical Mindset: Let’s face it, fixing your mindset and conquering limiting beliefs with a shot of ‘woo’ works! Combine that with an inner circle of inspiring, supportive entrepreneurs that come together and learn from each other in a safe, motivating environment creates SUCCESS!

Remember, a rising tide lifts all the boats together!

MichelleDekinderSmith“This is What Amplified Results Look Like…”

"At a time when I was working 80 + hours a week, Melanie helped me uncover a new way to grow my business. By creating a leveraged business model and changing my inner game, I was able to reduce my work hours in half while tripling my business revenues.

But most importantly, Melanie helped me shift out of stress and into a more peaceful way to grow."

Michelle DekinderSmith, President, Linkage Research

Success Amplified in These Clients...

What Results Can You Expect?

If you’re spending way too much time chasing the wrong things, getting sidetracked and forever making excuses instead of moving your business forward — then its time to use your heart, mind and values to create sustainable results.

Tap into a powerful program that helps you…

  • Unleash a peaceful, more influential inner power
  • Make more aligned choices, trusting your intuition and tuning out your negative internal soundtrack
  • Find your focus and master your ability to inspire and lead
  • Activate an unstoppable level of confidence and courage
  • Replace the burden of fear and overwhelm with ease, grace and flow
  • Activate your inner creativity, resourcefulness and resiliency
  • Build a support system of capable people who handle details so you can use your gifts to accelerate success
  • Stop wasting time and energy on unproven fads — invest in yourself
  • Achieve new levels of financial abundance and profitability
  • Master the skill of expanding your business income and reach withouth overwhelm

Join like-minded, high-achieving and awe-inspiring entrepreneurs like you.

More than a coaching program, we’re a supportive collection of visionary leaders, focused on creating a profitable bold impact doing what we love.

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Featured In...

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Hi, I’m Melanie Benson, a Revenue Strategist and Business Performance Optimizer, Host of The Amplify Your Success Podcast —and the founder of The Amplify Mastermind…

My story is probably a lot like yours. I spent over 12 years in corporate America, trying to grow personally and professionally by pushing through my fears and working harder to keep up with everyone else. I left the corporate world and achieved independence and success. At first I struggled then I found my groove, and made it to the multiple-six-figure level.

But at a huge cost.

Sure, I made it to the top 10%, but I ended up burned out, ill from chronic fatigue and debilitating autoimmune flare-ups. I realized that I could no longer push myself any harder. What had gotten me this far was threatening my health, emotional well-being and future success.

Along the way, I discovered that there was a better way; a more sustainable way to run a
business I loved. My own breakthrough occurred when I learned to stay in the flow and conquer a vision that was so much bigger than anything I’d done before.

Today I use my successes along with 18+ years of "on the job" training to align emerging visionary and game changing entrepreneurs with the most powerful mindset, strategies and skills they need to propel them to a level of success they never knew they could achieve.

My unique superpower is integrating creativity and intuition with a honed, no-nonsense “facts and data” approach to get my clients past their obstacles — allowing them to impact the world in a fulfilling and profitable way.

"My Program gives you the tools to align your unique superpowers, values and lifestyle goals to grow a reputable, scalable business. And a happier, more peaceful you."

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"I have never experienced such powerful energy"

"Melanie empowered me (as a global leader in the speaking community) to implement and follow-through on new systems…on how to communicate with individual learning styles and make sure I stay aligned with our team’s goals…my expectations were truly exceeded.

Following her advice, we have implemented strategies that brought in triple our income, as well as increased our leads by 10 times.”

                   Gail Watson, President, Women Speakers Association

For the last 20 years, I’ve discovered what works. And more importantly, what doesn’t.

To share your expertise and stand out in a crowded marketplace, you’ll need a powerful program that elevates your leadership impact and turns you into a more profitable (and happier) entrepreneur.

In the Amplify Mastermind, you’ll gain access to my private trainings, proven strategies and replicable systems, so you…

  • Find the Personal Productivity Formula that lets you spend more time in inspired action

  • Deepen your ability to 'Let Go to Grow', so you leverage other people's time and talent.

  • Find complete clarity on your Unique Profit Amplifiers and Premium Offerings (the one’s that catapult your income with the least amount of effort).
  • Map out a consistent cash flow plan, so your business is always generating income (even if you’re not there).
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and master the Art of Liquifying Time to get 10x done.
  • Reposition your business (and you) as an authority and influential business leader so its easier to attract paying clients.
  • Design your own Branded Formulas and Messaging Hooks that showcase your offerings so well you 10X your sales!
  • Activate the magic inside to accomplish crazy big tasks (and overcome the need to know how to do everything).
  • Unleash a powerful, millions mindset so you are one with prosperity and abundance.
  • Learn how to expand your energy, so stressful situations no longer sap you.
  • Become skilled at ‘leaning in’ to leverage chaos, uncertainty and fear for innovative new ideas.
  • Launch your own authority-boosting platform that becomes a magnetic force for ideal clients and coveted opportunities!
  • Own your Bold Influence with a compelling signature talk (and podcast interview) that generates BUZZ around your message.
  • Develop clarity and confidence in your ‘internal GPS’ so you make fast, aligned and profitable decisions.

 "A Rising Tide Lifts All The Boats."
- John F Kennedy

You can’t achieve the next level of success the same way you got here.

It’s time for a new set of rules...

...that break you free from overwhelm and painfully slow position you for amazing success.

The Amplify Mastermind is Application Only

Apply Now and We'll Explore If This is the Right Program For You

Even though I can help almost anyone achieve great success, its important that we meet to see if I'm the right mentor and this is the right program for you at this time.

Even if you aren't 100% sure you want a mastermind right now, applying will give you insight and if its not a good fit, we can recommend a different support option.

To apply now, just take a few minutes now to fill out this short form so I know a little bit about you.

Once you complete the form, you'll be guided to set up a no-obligation phone call where we can look at your options and make a powerful decision that sets you up for success.


Not Sure If a Mastermind Is Right For You?

I've been in masterminds for over 30 years and I've been leading them for 20 years -- one thing I know about a good mastermind is that if you show up, you'll be blown away by the support, ideas and opportunities that arise (not to mention the momentum that occurs in groups like this!)

First off, its important that you understand that a Mastermind is not intended to solve all your problems and deliver an unending supply of new leads, marketing advice and joint ventures. That MIGHT happen, and it often does. In my first six years of masterminding I generated over $250k of new business by aligning with my peers.

But it wasn't because I spoke at their events and partnered to deliver amazing programs to their clients. It was who I BECAME by aligning with other successful entrepreneurs.

The kind of mastermind I run puts you in a unique incubator with others who have complimentary skills and knowledge -- and the entire point of the group is to collaborate, support and lift each other up.

Here's a quick checklist of the signs you are at the perfect time to apply for and join the Amplify Mastermind.

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