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An amplify audit is a 20-30 minute review of your business offerings, marketing and authority platform and how well it’s positioned to amplify your authority, revenue and impact this year. Discover how to strengthen your authority factors and how to leverage them to prepare you for becoming a guest expert or launching your next offering. 

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Melanie Benson; Authority Amplifier For Expert-preneurs

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What Others Are Saying About Melanie's Amplify Strategies


“I met my annual revenue goal by July — because I was able to simplify my offerings and focus in on my highest payoff opportunities. Melanie helped illuminate the best path for me.”

LINDA BERTAUT , Chakralicious

“In the first 30 days of working with Melanie I had exceeded my income goals — and more than tripled my investment back. In the first 6 months, I was clear about my signature program — and my path to a 6-fig boost!”

LORIANNE SPEAKS, Support for Speakers, Authors & Podcasters
Tiffany Watson Keenan

I took off like a rocket after the first day. Not only did I have a huge breakthrough but I was able to formulate my plan AND simplify it which lead to a flood of new ideas. I'm so grateful, thank you Melanie!

Tiffany Watson Keenan

“I sold more in a weekend than I had in months – by simplifying, taking the challenge and focusing on my one bold goal.”

KITTY BOITNOT, Teachers in Transition
Nat Green

“I have a plan to launch my new business that actually feels EASY to run, now I'm excited to turn it into reality.”

Nat Green, Bettalife Solutions, Australia

Hi, I'm Melanie Benson!

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders and expert-preneurs for almost 20 years. I'm also the host of Amplify Your Success Podcast and author or Rewired for Wealth. As a Profit & Authority Amplifier, I'll help you discover exactly what you need to do next to exponentially expand the reach of your work -- and the growth of your prosperity.

I’m here to provide the learning, experience and incredible support you need as you build your business - and accomplish what you might believe up to now what is unreachable.