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Our Audit Review will be between 20 and 30 minutes but please leave some time on the end to create some action steps and wrap up. This is where I assess where your bottlenecks are and what the best Amplify Factor will generate your ideal results.

What Others Are Saying About Melanie's Amplify Strategies


“Thanks Melanie! The guidance and focus you provided me for growing my Business of Story Workshop business have been invaluable. I knew exactly how to boost my revenues another $40k — which was a massive ROI from our session.”

PARK HOWELL, Host, Business of Story Podcast

“Melanie helped me rework my signature talk and podcast pitches and I got booked on 5 stages immediately!”

MORGAN OAKS, High Performance Coach
Barb Ingrassia

“In the first 3 steps I discovered who my real client is. And more importantly, why my marketing wasn't working.”

Barb Ingrassia, Manage Copyright

“Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business…When I give her money I make a heck of a lot more money!”