When you tell your colleagues, friends, subscribers, and customers about our various products, programs, and services, and they purchase through your partner links, we’ll pay you a referral commission!

We’ll do all the order processing. You just sit back and collect your checks! There is NO limit to the number of people you can get commissions for!

Here are some ways you can promote my programs to your community:

…Host a live webinar

…Share one of our lead capture FREE resources

…Showcase an article in your newsletter, ezine or blog

…Link one of our popular entrepreneur resources on your website

…As a featured guest expert on your podcast, to your mastermind or large group event


Here’s the easy, three-step process for you to begin collecting commissions:

  1. Fill out the Promotion Partner signup form below.
  2. Submit the form.
  3. Once you are approved as a promotion partner, we’ll send you the specific promotion copy and affiliate link for any campaigns, products and programs.