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Achieve Success Faster with the 4-Step Tune In Process

Have you tried manifestation techniques but they don’t seem to work for you? Or perhaps you know that this is the year you are meant to achieve more, but you are not sure you have the stamina or energy to pull it off.

Often, the disconnect lies in our own energy and to achieve bigger success, we require real transformation guided by trained professionals

Instead of falling for quick-fix courses and cookie-cutter strategies, what if you had access to a simple technique that produces a quick boost of energy and momentum?

Hilary DeCesare, an award-winning peak performance, business, and mindset mastery coach, joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 369 and walks us through a powerful 4-step tune-in process to help elevate your business energy and problem-solving skills.

Hilary’s 4-step tune-in process, designed to be done multiple times a day, aims to elevate energy levels and provide a highly effective approach to tackle your biggest growth challenges (and boost up your momentum when you need it the most.)

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Key Takeaways

  • [03:07] Preview of Melanie’s own breakthrough in the conversation with Hilary.
  • [09:18] Global shifts are occurring and people are seeking change.
  • [10:54] Why EQ is going to be more impactful than IQ going forward.
  • [15:35] Why striving for more and pursuing excellence transforms how we show up
  • [18:52] How to overcome negative beliefs so you can reach your higher potential.
  • [21:13] Hilary reviews her simple process to raise vibrational levels daily.
  • [24:39] Why music is so essential to using the 3HQ process.
  • [33:37] The monkey study shows the impact of mirror neurons.
  • [36:56] How Hilary utilizes her favorite songs to enhance productivity methods.
  • [43:27] A prediction on a big industry shift towards integrated coaching and transformation.


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About The Guest:

Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning peak performance, business, and mindset mastery coach. 3x international bestselling author of ReLaunch! Spark Your Heart To Ignite Your Life, and founder of The ReLaunch Company.

This former Silicon Valley CEO is widely recognized for her work in neuropsychology and has been called the “CEO – Chief Energy Officer” and is on a mission to spark growth, change and impact for Gen X to be the most relevant generation. Her innovative framework, 3HQ™️ is evolutionary for the massive relaunches happening personally, professionally, and globally that allow people to “Tune In” and access growth on demand. For over 20 years, through her signature courses, private coaching, and connected community, Hilary has helped thousands reinvent their lives, businesses, and relationships so they can show up as their best energetic selves every day.

 Hilary’s work and insights have been featured on ABC’s The Secret Millionaire, as well as NBC, Forbes Coaches Council, Fox, Pix 11, Entrepreneur Magazine, NY Weekly, and Yahoo Finance. She hosts the top-rated “The ReLaunch Podcast,” co-hosts CBS’s “Wake Up with Marci & Hilary,” and is a sought-after public speaker. Her outstanding contributions to the business world were recently acknowledged with the honor of being named the Top Business Leader in 2023 by NOW Honors.


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