Many entrepreneurs wake up every day with a sense of perpetual dissatisfaction…

I have so many goals I haven’t achieved yet!

My wealth isn’t big enough yet.

I haven’t made a significant impact yet!

There is a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction when you focus on all of the “not yets” instead of everything you have achieved.

As a mindset expert, I see how feeling unfulfilled creates stress and a continuous need to accomplish more.

That tension translates to pushing yourself to do more because deep down inside when you feel dissatisfied with your current results it’s a catalyst to do better, right?

Right. Sort of.

Ambition needs a certain amount of dissatisfaction as it’s the fuel required for “better.” Feeling frustrated with or disappointed in the current results can be a powerful motivator for improvement. This is where optimizing and testing new ways to improve results is important. But when you don’t have a completion point for when you’ve become successful, ambition can become a never-ending obsession with more – and it can lead to burn out.

So here’s the important question that every evolving entrepreneur should ask themselves:

What level of success is YOUR measure of satisfaction?

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

For some, you may feel satisfied when you’ve broken the six (or seven) figure revenue mark.

For others, when you can work less than 30 hours a week, you’ll know you’ve made it!

I know many who see being recognized as an influencer is what makes you feel successful.

Its a deeply personal measure and one that every person needs to define for themselves. Because when you know what it means to finally arrive at YOUR definition of success, you’ll trade up that constant nagging feeling of dissatisfaction with a sense of peace. You’ll stop chasing a million opportunities and finally allow yourself to optimize your core profit factors.

I’m curious…how would YOU define your ultimate success? Share it in the comments below…




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