6 Fast Money Mindset Shifts

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You know that feeling when you walk into a dark room and you can’t see anything? Well that’s what it’s like when you try to grow your small business into the next level with a money mindset issue.

You can’t see the opportunities that are right there.

Our mindset has a huge impact on the level of success that we can achieve. When you have the right mindset, you make choices that generate a much higher caliber outcome. When you elevate your mindset, its like your mind “graduates” to a new playing field of infinite possibility.

In my MoneyDNA Mastery program I hear members share with me over and over how their situation is causing them to be stuck, to not be able to afford what they need to grow, and even that they can’t pay all their bills.

In actuality, their current level of resourcefulness is the problem. That’s because their current mindset causes them to limit what they see as possible.

So we dig in and shift their mindset so that they can make better decisions that lead to better results.


Here are 6 Fast Mindset Shifts that can open up new doors quickly:

1. Refocus on What IS Working

It’s super easy to get caught up in problems and issues – especially when cash flow is problematic. One of the fastest ways to right your ship is to focus more of your time and energy on what is working. For my MoneyDNA Mastery clients that means making a gratitude list every day. Sometimes you’ll have to dig deep and just focus on the fact that the sun came out and tomorrow is a new day. But when you train your mind to focus on what’s working you’ll start to feel lighter – which is important when it comes to seeing opportunities.

2. Cultivate an Investment Mindset

Our mindset around our business expenses can have a HUGE impact on every growth opportunity you are facing. Most entrepreneurs look at business expenses as a COST. Yes this money is leaving your bank account. But if you adapt a Thriving Money Mindset you will see that every outdoing dollar is actually an investment in YOU achieving your desired outcome. By shifting your mindset to an investment mentality you will elevate every dollar’s value (and you’ll be a lot more discerning too!)

3. Elevate Your Money Story

One of the biggest adjustments in mindset is what we tell ourselves about our capability to manage and make decisions with money. When you tell yourself and others that you aren’t good with money or avoid dealing with money management activities, you are in essence depleting the value of money in your life. Focus on creating a new money story such as: “I am an excellent steward of money in my life.” It might take some time to become true but you must shift your mindset around this one in order to become wealthy.

4. See Yourself as CEO

As an entrepreneur you may have a misguided mindset about your real role in your small business. Often we get caught in the trap of being a worker instead of seeing ourselves as the CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer) of your business. By elevating your mindset about the role you really need to play you will also activate a powerful worthiness principle – you deserve to be paid well as a CEO!

5. Expand Your Wealth Energy

Sometimes the simplest way to create a mindset shift around money is to put yourself in an experience of opulence. Do an activity that makes you feel wealthy. Put yourself in a situation that allows your internal prosperity thermometer to feel expanded. When my money mindset has felt low I would head to the nearest Ritz Carlton and have lunch (or tea) and just soak in the energy of prosperity. Whether you hit the beach early on a Friday or walk through a fancy boutique and indulge in something beautiful, expanding your wealth energy by immersing yourself in it is a fast way to elevate your money mindset.

6. Be 110% Responsible

Now this mindset shift might not always be about money but it’s an essential shift to achieve higher levels of success. When breakdowns and failures occur (and they will) you must own 110% responsibility. You will be tempted to blame someone else but that’s just activating a victim mentality. Victims have things done to them. If you want to elevate your money mindset then you must take responsibility – and learn from every situation that occurs, bad or good. When we truly own our results in life we can then cultivate the most powerful money mindset possible. If you have the power to make a mistake then you have just as much power to be successful.

Which of these activities will YOU try? Make a commitment to put at least one into action this week.

And if you need a little help with your mindset shift, checkout this free ebook on how to train your mind to elevate results!

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  • Alex Truedman

    June 12, 2015

    Point 6 is very very relevant for everyone’s situation, either you need to change your mindset or consider it is already working on your prosperity. In fact, neglecting this point when things go well one day can lead to the consequences when no positive mindset about money will help. Apparently, the lack of attention to details and evident budgeting principles leads to the situations which compel people open their saving account or unleashing the sources they’d rather avoid (such as urgent loans). So next time one has to step into the office of some company, such as PaydayLoanCare or any of its siblings, one shouldn’t blame the wrong mindset, but incompliance to 110% responsibility principle. Money is tricky, but possible to tame anyway.