There’s a lot of struggle and busyness out there amongst entrepreneurs. Yesterday as I was leading my monthly MoneyDNA call one of my clients said, “Melanie I’m so busy and overwhelmed keeping up with my current level of success — I can’t imagine how I can ever handle MORE success.”

You see my client had the mistaken belief that it takes more work to create more income. Because the strategy she is using is one that guarantees she will struggle to get it all done.

Thriving entrepreneurs don’t’ operate that way.


The small business owners I know that thrive make it a practice to eliminate the mindsets, behaviors and strategies that generate overwhelm.

Here are four things that Thriving Entrepreneurs don’t do:

1) Wing It (When it comes to cash flow)
The BIGGEST and most significant difference between struggling and thriving is working a well-designed plan. When you don’t have a plan you spend a lot of time spinning, worrying and trying to figure out what to do next. Struggling entrepreneurs focus on cash now — and the constant need to make money fast generates a lot of overwhelm.

Thriving entrepreneurs realized at some point in their journey that “winging it” just wasn’t going to work. To get ahead financially without being stressed out, they decided to invest the time and energy (and sometimes money in the right mentor) to get clear on a plan that will pay off in spades.

2) Take Failures Personally
In order to thrive you have to gain control of your thoughts and emotions. One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs stay overwhelmed is by taking mistakes and failures to heart. Instead of seeing the lesson in the problem, someone who struggles a lot will focus on how bad their mistake was. Over-processing it, trying to understand how it happened, or even blaming others for the failure will cause the entrepreneur to stay stuck.

Thriving business owners know they need to debrief, extract the learning and move on – quickly. My choosing to see failures as information that will help them make better decisions, their mind stays focused on “what’s next” instead of “why me.”

3) Do It Alone
No one achieves great success alone. So why is it that so many entrepreneurs struggle for years trying to figure out all the moving parts in their business by themselves? Many small business owners see hiring as a cost and fear that they can’t afford to delegate tasks. Holding on to way too many tasks they become the bottleneck to their growth.

From being mentored to hiring valuable helpers to liberate you from tasks you aren’t good at, thrivers understand that they need to surround themselves with capable people to accomplish great results. Thrivers invest in a world class dream team and look for ways to expand their profits exponentially because they can achieve bigger results faster.

4) Work All The Time
For many entrepreneurs with a busy addiction, working all the time seems like the best way to get ahead fast. But non-stop work actually positions you for burn out, fatigue and loss of enthusiasm. Thriving entrepreneurs recognize the power of taking time away from the business to recharge. Even when it seems like the WORST time to take a break – do it. You’ll find you are 100 times more focused and productive when you return.

In order to thrive an entrepreneur has to stop filling up their time with mediocre strategies that under perform and start doing more of what does work to optimize results. Thrivers learn to spend at least 80% of their time on the activities that move the business forward profitably.

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