4-reasons-not-to-delegateI’m sure you’ve heard many times from different experts that the ability to delegate can help you grow your business quickly. I mean just this last week I saw at least 25 articles alone espousing the benefits of having other people implement your marketing activities while speeding up growth by taking off your plate the tasks you never have time for.

You may also know that I’m a firm believer in getting everything off my plate that I don’t do well or is not prudent for me to spend time on so I can always be focused on the activities that ONLY I can do! But what if I told you that maybe you SHOULD NOT delegate?

Maybe there are some times in which it just makes sense to do the opposite of what works to achieve six and seven figures. Yes, I’m having a bit of fun, but let’s roll with it shall we?

Here are four reasons why you should absolutely, positively NOT delegate or outsource to expand your business this year:

1. The idea of making more money is revolting.

Why allow other people to help you get more money-making tasks done? That’s just silly! You love staying stuck exactly where you are because you must do everything yourselfstop-money. I mean come on, money doesn’t grow on trees so why should you wisely invest it in capable, hard-working, efficient associates who help you achieve more in a week than you normally do in a year?

Even if you could see proof that learning how to hire “A” players to manage your social media, update your website, handle your routine email communications, or even how powerful it is to have a team member handle follow up calls you never seem to fit in, why bother with stuff like that when you’ve got so much to do today, right?


2. Doing tasks that suck the life out of you is the highlight of your day.


When you wake up you are ecstatic knowing that you’ll get to update your bookkeeping records or spend 2 – 3 hours answering routine questions from tire-kickers who never plan to buy. But the highlight of your day – filing! Why? Cause it’s an excellent use of your time., right? Who wouldn’t want to spend countless hours putting papers in folders when they could be putting together a launch strategy that could result in over $100k in revenue?

Then there are your personal favorites…the tasks that make you feel like a Mac truck ran over you. You know the ones ….you feel completely exhausted afterwards. As you dig into these tasks (if you ever get to them) you think how lucky you are to be an entrepreneur with all this freedom. Why would you ever want to spend most of your time doing things that make boat-loads of money?

3. Perfection, not progress, is the only route for you.


You are committed to getting things done yourself — correctly — even if it slows you down so much that it takes you months to complete what you could accomplish in a day or two with the right team. Can you really trust someone else to do things right (I mean really what does Bill Gates know about delegation…he’s the genius in the business.) As you release every product perfectly with great pride, you somehow overlook the consequence of this choice – it takes you 5 – 10 times longer to get things done.

Even though you are frustrated with your slow progress you fear handing things off to someone else. You witness your peers who have discovered the secrets to hiring “A” players soaring to new heights and wonder what must be wrong that you can’t get these same results.


4. Work-a-holism is Under-Rated


Who needs sleep, right? There is so much to do you can barely get a few winks at night let alone actually meet your friends for a nice evening out. Family? Who are they? Oh those people who walk up and down your hallway waiting for you to come out and have dinner together.

Don’t they understand that you have hundreds of tasks to accomplish in record time and you don’t have anyone to help you out? Not that you couldn’t – you just have your head in the weeds and you haven’t yet seen the brilliance in slowing down, hiring some capable people and multiplying your accomplishments in record time.

All joking aside, why on earth should an entrepreneur delegate or outsource? Because it’s how you create a business that can grow into six figures and beyond, profitably.

When you pay attention to the business owners who consistently generate high six and seven figures, you’ll notice the one thing they all have in common is: they don’t do it alone.

In today’s economy, many make the fatal mistake of holding off on delegation. They key is to find is learning to hire people who will take tasks off your plate so you can focus on doing what you do best — profitably! And that requires a system of identify the right tasks to hand off, the right people who can do the job, and the right delegation techniques to ensure the tasks are done correctly the first time. I know I’ve poked some fun at the idea of not delegating as most of these points are ridiculous. And that’s my point — don’t let your beliefs hold you back. Be willing to learn how to hire the right people at the right time so you can accelerate your small business growth.


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