The Entrepreneur's 4 Day Workweek with Joe Sanok

Create More Success and Cash Flow By Working Less

Have you ever noticed how much more productive you are when you take a day away from your business just to recharge (like a 4 day workweek)? Your creativity improves, your focus sharpens and your motivation rises, all by working less. With more and more entrepreneurs seeking a balance between work and play and seeing their bank account growing in the process, how did society ever land on a 40-hour workweek?

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 277, my guest Joe Sanok, author of the 4 Day Workweek, joins me to share what he discovered when he set out on a mission to work less, make more, and continue to grow his impact along the way.

Inside this episode, you’ll hear a lot about how Henry Ford influenced today’s 5-day workweek norms (and what Joe discovered about productivity and high achievers by searching for the key to time freedom.)

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Key Takeaways

  • [5:39] How the industrial revolution influenced the 5 day workweek we have today. 
  • [9:28] The hidden cost to you,  your clients, your community and your team when you are available 7 days a week.
  • [13:10] What a hard boundary is versus a soft boundary (and how this is going to revolutionize your time management.)
  • [15:29] Three natural inclinations that high achievers have (and how you can emulate their productivity habits.)
  • [20:26] A very powerful efficiency hack you can tap into by transforming just one belief.
  • [23:01] The flipside of Parkinson’s Law and how to use it to evaluate the effectiveness of effort.
  • [29:39] Why Joe found email courses to be significantly more effective for his clients to build up their email list.
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About the Guest:

Joe Sanok is the author of Thursday is the New Friday: How to work fewer hours, make more money, and spend time doing what you want. It examines how the four-day workweek boosts creativity and productivity. Joe has been featured on Forbes, GOOD Magazine, and the Smart Passive Income Podcast. He is the host of the popular The Practice of the Practice Podcast, which is recognized as one of the Top 50 Podcasts worldwide with over 100,000 downloads each month. Bestselling authors, experts, scholars, and business leaders and innovators are featured and interviewed in the 550 plus podcasts he has done over the last six years.

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