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Increase Sales to Ideal Clients By Demonstrating Results

What if you could make more sales just by demonstrating your ROI (aka your Return on Investment) to a potential client? By being able to articulate the kind of challenges you help your clients solve and the results you achieve, you’ll find that you’ll attract more ideal clients ready to invest quickly. The key to pulling this off is having a clear value proposition that demonstrates your ROI.

Lisa Ann Edwards, a business expert with a proven track record of helping coaches, consultants, and leadership experts achieve their goals, joins me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 339 to show us how to bring our ROI into the sales process to win more business.

Throughout the episode, we discuss how to demonstrate one’s value while coaching, covering topics such as the importance of clarity in the coaching process, building authority by measuring expertise and client success data, the expected financial impact of coaching engagements in sales conversations, and setting expectations and accountability for success.

In addition to providing practical frameworks for leveraging ROI, Lisa and I explore where the coaching industry is heading, providing insight into how technology is shifting the landscape and where to focus moving forward.

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Key Takeaways

  • [04:10] Measuring ROI: A Key to Business and Career Development 

  • [7:50] Measuring ROI for Coaching Services

  • [11:50] 3 ways to show value to clients

  • [16:02] Leveraging Client Results for Business Growth

  • [19:49] Maximizing Coaching Revenue through Measurement

  • [23:40] The Future of Coaching Industry

  • [27:44] Financial Coaching, the future of coaching and Lisa’s Bold Business Strategies

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About the Guest:

Lisa Ann Edwards is an award-winning coach and the founder and CEO of MyExcelia®️. This first and only automated system helps coaches, consultants, and leadership experts prove their real financial ROI, so they can make it easy for clients to invest with them.

As a former head of talent management for a Bill Gates-owned global media company, Lisa learned first-hand the importance of effective people development programs when senior executives cut all the programs because they couldn’t see bottom-line results. Lisa brought budgets back to the organization after proving the ROI of a coaching program.

Since then, Lisa has worked on ROI projects with some of the most recognizable brands in the world: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Gates Foundation, Pinterest, Gusto, The Federal Reserve, Nationwide Insurance, TELUS, BMW, and many more. With over 2M data points on leadership effectiveness, Lisa is the authority on coaching, leadership, and training programs that get results. She has spoken with more than 20,000 practitioners worldwide and over 200 events worldwide, from China to India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

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