Last week I had this epiphany.

Okay, maybe more like an a-ha moment.

I get those when I’m coaching clients and this one really struck me. I was doing a “hot seat” for someone who was feeling a bit stuck on why their podcast interviews on other people’s shows were not converting very well. That’s when I realized…

It’s our job as content creators and messengers to take a prospect through the journey of…

Interest to Intrigue to Invested. 

When you really master this, you can deliver ANY kind of content (like sharing your message on other people’s podcasts or creating compelling social media posts) and create a connection so they feel like they know, like and trust you so they want more!

Here’s a quick snapshot of these 3 steps (or stages) of my Golden Thread Technique (its the same system I teach in my Guest Expert System.)

Step One is “Interest”

Interest happens the moment they read the title, especially if it’s a podcast interview, webinar or a freebie. ​

☝️☝️☝️ ​

​In this step it’s all about the first impression — do they read the title and listen in because they’ve GOT TO KNOW the answer? Does this topic help you stand out in a crowded of “sameness” and its so compelling that the podcast host books you on the spot?

Interest is key because if you can’t grab their interest then the prospect just clicks away and moves to the next interesting idea.



Step Two is “Intrigue”

Step Two is where the real rapport and connection is built.

👌👌👌 ​

It happens in how you establish your authority, how you “teach” your content and how you hold the conversation, even if that conversation is happening during an interview. But you can also create intrigue in the free content someone has signed up for. 

​This stage is where the listener leans in and is curious because you’ve hooked their interest. You can keep the listener actively intrigued so they don’t disconnect by using showstoppers, weaving in credibility boosters and sharing stories. 




Step Three is “Invested”

This is where the listener must have whatever you are offering. 


This could be a freebie or a paid offering. By the end of your talk or guest spot on someone’s podcast, if you’ve done a good job of building your Golden Thread, then you’ll be getting a decent number of listeners taking that next step to get your freebie or reach out to find out more.

But if you skip the first two steps then it’s usually BYE BYE time.




I’m curious if you find yourself crafting this kind of journey when you design your content?

I’ve had pretty good luck with leveraging Other People’s Podcasts to add another 6 figures to my business but it’s become super clear that not every expert feels confident with this process, and way too many talented service professionals and course creators are still feeling like a Best Kept Secret. Is that you?

Then you’ll want to nab my free checklist and start profiting from your podcast guesting!

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