revenue-growthHave you ever found yourself in an up and down cash flow situation? Some months you have plenty of new leads and the money is rolling in. Other times you are scrambling to cover your monthly nut. You scratch your head and wonder – what could I be doing wrong here?

The key to having consistent cash flow is simply….be consistent.

What is it about consistency that makes it so important? Consistency is bringing together a logical coherence between things or parts. When you have a consistency in your business model, then you are positioned for rapid expansion.

The idea behind consistency is to do more of what works so you can create a steady flow of income. If you don’t have these three consistency keys in place, you’ll have a very difficult time generating predictable income.

  1. Brand Positioning. Consistency in your message and offerings helps people know what you are about. There is a lot of noise out there – people need to know what you do, in a clear concise way – to be able to choose your business to work with.If one day you talk about goal setting, the next a social media strategy and the third you are pitching an outsourcing course you are teaching, your prospects will be left scratching their heads. Going in too many different directions with your offers, your expertise or your message will leave your prospects confused. And a confused mind doesn’t do anything.
  2. New Lead Marketing. One of my clients, who is a very well known marketer, had the up and down cash flow problem. When we evaluated how well her different marketing strategies were performing the realization bubbled up that her biggest challenge wasn’t her marketing, but rather, a lack of CONSISTENT marketing.Marketing must be done consistently to have the desired result – new clients! My client was sending an ezine out once every blue moon, blog posts once every 2 – 3 weeks and she used press releases when she did a launch but not regularly. Getting on a schedule is important so your prospects begin to anticipate your next contact with them.Here are a few tips to making sure your new lead marketing activities are being completed.- Do you have a specific set of 10 – 15 activities that generate your best clients being done every month
    – Do you have a template for what the task should look like when completed to ensure delays don’t happen?
    – Do you have someone else making sure the task is completed so you don’t become the bottleneck?
  3. Prospect Follow up. One of the black holes of consistency is how you follow up with a potential client. More money is left on the table in this one area alone! A consistent prospect follow up is a system or series of steps that are taken over and over again to build a relationship with someone who needs what you do.It takes an average of 5 – 7 impressions for someone to actually make a buying decision with you. Plus, you have to be in front of the prospect when they NEED you. Consistent delivery of a well-thought out drip marketing campaign is a great way to do this.Some things you can do are:-    Send out a series of follow up emails to nurture the new relationship.
    –    Find meaningful articles or create a tips sheet and mail to a potential client.
    –    Offer a series of educational, low-cost offerings to help the prospect learn how you can solve their key problem.Most importantly, find a consistent approach and automate as many of the steps as possible (aka don’t let yourself become the bottleneck around it.)

Now, the action step. Pick one of these there areas to increase your consistency on. Set a tangible goal, identify the steps involved, implement and watch your results go off the hook!

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