Podcasts are quickly becoming a great visibility platform. It’s an inexpensive marketing technique (just your time) that does not require travel to share your message with an audience of prospects. Get on the right high-profile podcast, Facebook Live or radio show and you could have an avalanche of new leads overnight.

Having produced my own podcast as well as having been on some of the big name podcasts over the years, I’ve discovered a few things that can make you a popular guest that the host wants to invite back over and over again.

I should also say that doing these things will make you stand out. Think about it for a minute. A popular show host may interview somewhere between 10 and 30 guests each month. That’s a lot of people to talk to. When you become a stand-out guest because you went the extra mile, you’ll become a gold standard. Which means, invites to come back.

Here’s are my top ten tips for being a sought-after, in-demand guest on high profile radio shows and podcasts:

  1. Make it easy with a simple one-sheet.

One of the single most important things you can do is to have an easy to use one-sheet (aka a topic description) with all of your important information – topic, description, bio, introduction and any links relevant to your talk. Make the host’s job EASY when they interview you. Being organized will often win you big brownie points.

  1. Be responsive.

This is a biggie – respond quickly to emails. Listen there are a lot of people vying to be interviewed on the top shows. It’s super easy for the producer to move on if they don’t hear back. Unless you are Oprah, they probably won’t chase you down. Having produced many shows over the years for multiple companies, I can tell you that if you are slow to respond and hard to get a hold of, you won’t get asked back.

  1. Be prepared.

Listen to the host’s show ahead of time and learn their flow and format. It’s an honor that they’ve invited you to their show so make sure you know how they roll. While you are at it, subscribe to the show’s channel, rate it if it’s on iTunes and give it some social media love.

  1. Give value.

Be sure to know who the audience is and what the challenges they face are. Giving value means you know how to weave your expertise into the valuable information that solves a key problem the listener faces. Don’t just do your standard talk; make sure you tailor it to fit the show and their audience. Knowing how to deliver catchy soundbites is key, and its a big part of my Guest Expert System that transforms other people’s podcasts into another 6 figures in revenue.

  1. Tell stories

Information is interesting, stories are memorable. If you tell good stories, especially ones that touch on the listener’s hopes and dreams, you’ll be a memorable guest. Listeners will write the show host and thank them – over and over again – for having you on the show. Show hosts will be happy to have you back after that!

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  1. Have catchy wisdom bombs.

Prepare two to three catchy statements that you say throughout the interview. First off, they make great quotes for the host to pull and share from your interview. They also help make you memorable. One of mine I’ve used for years is, “Everything you say yes to means you are saying no to something else.” It often ends up in memes from listeners or podcast show marketing.

  1. Share the episode once it goes live.

Part of what makes you a memorable guest is when you share your interview on your social media. This is just good etiquette to help the show get more traction. It also helps position you as an authority to the people in your own community. Don’t just share it once – share it over and over again. Use a tool like MeetEdgar.com or Recurpost.com that will automate the reposting for you.

  1. Showcase your interview.

Another way to stand out as a guest is to showcase your interview. For instance, add the show to your ezine or blog. If it’s a high profile show or the interviewer did a good job of highlighting your expertise, add it to your media page on your website.

We feature some of the more prominent shows like Entrepreneur on Fire, Reinvention Radio, Go-Giver Radio and Business of Story on my media page. It helps produce authority and credibility for show producers when they see you’ve been interviewed on other high profile shows. Here’s how we showcase it on my media page.

   9. Be interesting

There’s nothing worse than a guest expert who is giving off the vibe that they could care less. I vividly remember the guy who a guest booker pitched to me. First he missed the interview date then acted like he had no idea why he was on my previous show. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed and never invited him back again. Whether it’s a big name show or a small, start up podcast, if you’ve agreed to do the show – show your gratitude and be gracious!

  1. Don’t be salesy, but do be energetic.

Along these same lines, don’t be salesy. Too much name dropping, too many references to your programs and even making a hard pitch to your offering is a turn off on most shows. Its fine to make an invitation to buy your book or get a freebie from your website, but don’t turn it into a sales conversation.

I hope you’ll start booking yourself on more podcasts and radio shows. Its one of my favorite ways to get your message in front of more people these days. Be sure to check out some of the amazing guests on my Amplify Your Success podcast for inspiration too.

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