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Despite implementing all the strategies you are ‘supposed to be doing’, you will not skyrocket your growth, be an influential brand, gain magnetic authority and ‘I see you everywhere’ visibility without leading with your superpower.

You can be ‘crazy busy’ implementing all the growth tactics your peers are doing and still…

  • Experience big fluctuations in monthly cash flow
  • Hit the ceiling on your income potential
  • Spin your wheels and not get the momentum you need
  • Find yourself drained by what you do and who you work with
  • Feel invisible because your message just isn’t drawing in your dream clients

If your strategies are not aligned with your superpower' or your audience's core desire then you will always feel like things just aren’t working right.

When you align your superpower and craft a magnetic message, positioned on your authentic authority platform you will finally gain momentum and be seen the authority who is...

  • the “top-of-mind” expert who people know can solve their problem…
  • irresistible to their dream clients…
  • scaling their business so they impact the lives of more people without feeling overwhelmed all the time…
  • highly-paid for doing what they love…
  • consistently delivering a magnetic message that creates an unending flow of perfect opportunities...

With my help, I can activate and monetize your superpower so you stop feeling like a best-kept secret and start being a highly visible, well-paid expert.

From your decision making, focus and success habits to bold growth steps that

deliver MASSIVE results, I become your partner in amplifying your authority.

Together We Will Co-Create Key Authority Factors

Visibility Plan

Unique Profit Amplifier

Magnetic Message

A Visibility Plan that keeps you consistently in front of the people who are searching for your solution right now.

Your Unique Profit Amplifier (your dormant BEST performing offer that attracts your ideal client with ease)

A Magnetic Message that transforms your marketing into a compelling and irresistible “I gotta have that” experience (talk about the “momentum effect!”)

Leverage &  Systems


Bold  Mindset

Activate Leverage & Systems that solves chronic cash flow challenges and costly business growth breakdowns.

Collaboration that transforms your competitors into prospect pools and accelerates your list building efforts.

Bold Mindset that elevates your results, improves decision making and gives you courage to take bold leaps forward.

Once you amplify your superpower and Authority Factors, you’ll finally gain momentum in the market, scale and grow. I know, because I’ve done it, and now I help my clients do the same.

Every business is at a different stage in their evolution. Whether your priority is boosting cash flow, dialing in your messaging to attract your ideal client, or clarity for confidence and momentum, my programs will help align your business with your superpower, become a highly paid expert in your industry and be the GO-TO authority where opportunities flood in.

Meet Melanie

My superpower is helping entrepreneurs like you identify and activate their own unique positioning to become the highly paid authority that their ideal client knows, likes and trusts…

After spending 21 years guiding talented entrepreneurs to success and 15 years in fortune 500 companies, I bring a unique integration of proven success, business acumen and soulful intuition to each client. Clients who work my Amplify Roadmap can see a 5x growth within the first 90 days

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