4 Biggest Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

4 Biggest Money Mistakes

You know that feeling of pure joy when you finally learn how to make money in your small business? When you start your business there’s a ton of hard work involved to figure out what your clients will invest money on – and how to get your marketing to attract those clients – well, that’s…

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How High Earners THINK Differently

I remember the first time I had the big a-ha around money mindset. I was in a mastermind with a few other entrepreneurs when one of the members who was not having a good financial year said to another, “If you want to increase your revenues you have to start thinking like a high earner…

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6 Fast Money Mindset Shifts

You know that feeling when you walk into a dark room and you can’t see anything? Well that’s what it’s like when you try to grow your small business into the next level with a money mindset issue. You can’t see the opportunities that are right there. Our mindset has a huge impact on the…

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