Your Story Shapes Your Success with Bob Choat | Podcast Episode 39

  Every human being is taught a series of stories that shape your future success in life. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or thought leader, your ability to grow your company and achieve higher levels of goals depends on the quality of your story. In episode 39 of Amplify Your Success Podcast,…

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What Really Causes an Entrepreneur to Procrastinate

Have you ever had a goal that you were super excited about – but once you started to pursue the goal you got distracted by a million other priorities that would steal your attention away? Some might call this a type of procrastination. But in my experience, this is a sign that an entrepreneur has…

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Top 5 Character “Defects” of a Visionary Thought Leader

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader, or a change-maker, chances are you were told many times throughout your life that you had character defects and would never be able to achieve success.  Entrepreneurs often exhibit character traits early on in life that are the OPPOSITE of the people around us. And because they…

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Starter or Finisher? How Visionary Entrepreneurs Can Stop Struggling with Implementation

Creative entrepreneurs thrive in the generation of new ideas, products and programs. It’s your life blood. The problem isn’t getting a vision of what you want…its sticking with it till its done.

And done doesn’t mean till its in the wrapper ready to ship. It means till you’ve maximized your profits and impact with your idea.

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4 Biggest Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

You know that feeling of pure joy when you finally learn how to make money in your small business? When you start your business there’s a ton of hard work involved to figure out what your clients will invest money on – and how to get your marketing to attract those clients – well, that’s…

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