Stop Being Busy Maintaining Mediocre and Unleash Your Genius

You work 60+ hours a week just trying to keep up with the growing list of tasks in your business. You barely have an hour to eat dinner with your family let alone think about achieving that secret goal that keeps surfacing.  Perhaps you have a long list of projects and ideas for “some day”…

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Starter or Finisher? How Visionary Entrepreneurs Can Stop Struggling with Implementation

Creative entrepreneurs thrive in the generation of new ideas, products and programs. It’s your life blood. The problem isn’t getting a vision of what you want…its sticking with it till its done.

And done doesn’t mean till its in the wrapper ready to ship. It means till you’ve maximized your profits and impact with your idea.

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Enough Already…Are you a Leader or a Follower?

I’ve been seeing a lot of “information” lately about being a leader or a follower. What I’ve come to understand is a lot of mentors, gurus and marketers need you to be a follower. Followers do what they are told. Which means followers will probably spend a lot more money with their “guru” and will…

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