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I’m excited to introduce my brand new podcast for thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs and change-makers who want to increase impact and income, Amplify Your Success. In my first episode I share three of my rapid cash techniques that I’ve developed to increase cash flow in a expedited amount of time, especially during times when you’ve experienced unexpected losses.

With these strategies, you can create a plan to amplify your income in the coming year.

Listen in now and try one of these techniques this month.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:50] What happens when a business plan falls through, or we forget to plan for consistent cash flow?

[3:05] I tackle the three main rapid cash techniques. Tip Number 1: Host a buzz-worthy sale.

[3:52] This technique is one of the fastest ways to get some cash flow coming through, and can be easily tied into a holiday or other event, for better marketing.

[5:07] Make your sale worthwhile! Offer a significant cut, but don’t offer it for too long.

[7:17] Tip Number 2: Point-of-Sale Upsales.

[8:15] This is especially helpful for online businesses. Offer a unique discount at the point of sale for a complementary product.

[10:42] This appeals to people who are already interested, and keeps their attention as they are making a purchase.

[11:55] Tip Number 3: Front-load payment discounts.

[12:40] Provides a big boost of cash up front that you can set aside and use some to invest in your growth.

[13:17] This tip relies on giving discounts for paying in full at time of purchase. Make sure that the discount is big enough that it’s worthwhile for a customer to invest their money.

[15:40] Get creative about ways to amplify your income, without doing more work!

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