How a Mastermind with a Successful Mentor Coach Can Make the Difference

“We can’t solve the problems we created in our own mind. When you work with a trained coach,
you’ll gain a fresh perspective that will speed up your path to success.”

  • Uncover the hidden gold (aka your most profitable offers) and monetize them quickly.
  • Transform areas you feel resistance into super powers that help you achieve more.
  • Identify the sneaky time bandits and bottlenecks that hold your progress back.
  • Learn how to elevate your credibility and impact so you become the recognized expert in your industry with Platform Building Systems.
  • Gain crystal-clarity on the most profitable (and enjoyable) ways to attract your ideal clients.
  • Embody a level of influence and leadership that boosts your confidence.
  • Activate the energy secrets necessary to scale your impact with more ease and grace.

What Happens with the RIGHT Coach For You


The best coach is one that has a proven record of business success with in-depth transformational training to help you accelerate your results while avoiding common pitfalls.


The right coach for you can help you find your personal power through an aligned, authentic approach based on proven, practical strategies (not a cookie cutter, follow the blueprint replication of a million other entrepreneurs.)


A great coach is someone who inspires you to achieve more than you ever thought was possible without tearing you down or belittling your ideas.

Why a Mastermind?

A mastermind offers the best of multiple support options, especially when facilitated by a highly trained, experienced coach. In a virtual mastermind, you can participate from anywhere in the world, avoid costly travel, and stay focused on moving the needle towards your goals.

In the Awaken Leadership Mastermind, you’ll not only have access to Melanie as your coach but you’ll also benefit from sharing ideas and trading strategies with like-minded, conscious business owners who are growing with you.

After 25 years of facilitating masterminds, Melanie’s witnessed first-hand how this type of support and camaraderie can propel you forward – simply because you are being “seen” and are accountable to the mastermind.

What Clients Are Saying About Melanie

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“My business partner and I hired Melanie at a time when we could no longer use the strategy that helped us make our first six figures – it was literally killing me. By implanting her optimum performance strategies I was finally able to work less, take real vacations AND grow into a seven figure business! Melanie is the mentor that saved my life!"

“When I met Melanie I was completely stuck in my business. I was a one-man show, my income had plateaued, and my frustration had risen. Since working together in 2007 my six figure income has more than doubled, in no small part, because of Melanie’ s coaching.”

Evan Marc Katz, Author of “Why He Disappeared”, Dating Coach For Smart, Strong, Successful Women

"Thanks to Melanie’ s coaching program I stopped being the bottleneck in my business growth.  After one year of working together and implementing the simple game-change strategies I freed up more time and finally made it to 7 figures.”

Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

"Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business...When I give her money to mentor and guide me I always make a heck of a lot more money in return!"


Is Awaken Leadership Mastermind Right For You?

  • If you’re at the point in your business where you have decided to make a greater impact - and increase your income in the process.
  • You deeply desire an authentic, conscious approach to business and you are no longer interested in “old paradigm” methods.
  • You understand that a successful business requires focus, dedicated effort and investing in resources in order to expand success faster.
  • You see yourself as someone with a purpose and a vision, but your current approach is too slow or overwhelming and you need a better way.
  • You are now ready to be part of an elite group of creative, visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders who have each other’s back.
  • You are willing to invest now in your future growth and ability to leave a legacy.
  • You love the idea that you can build a business that will afford you more freedom and wealth potential.
  • You are a high-achiever with untapped superpowers and would love to unleash more ease and grace in your current approach to success.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then review the three Awaken Leadership Mastermind Options below so you can decide how fast and how far you want to grow, and apply today!

What Areas of Your Business We Will Focus On

  • Monetizing Your Unique Talents
  • Scaling Impact with Leveraged Offerings
  • Creating a Power Platform for Influence
  • Proactive Communication Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Removing Growth Bottlenecks
  • Mastering the Sales Process
  • Optimizing Your Target Marketing
  • Elevating Your Leadership Influence as Your Evolve
  • Delegating for Scalability
  • Time Management to Accelerate Results
  • Planning Process for Profit Boosting
  • Automation & Systems that Create Freedom
  • Growing with Confidence, Grace & Ease
  • Unleashing Your Mindset Magic so You can Achieve What Feels Impossible

Melanie’s Superpowers as Your Coach

  • Melanie is a 15 year business coach, thought leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of online marketing, team building, building scalable offerings, and being a credible authority in the marketplace. Her success story clients have ranged from seven figure celebrity experts to new entrepreneurs ready to increase revenues.
  • Melanie has been trained extensively as a coach, as well as in marketing and sales; has a master’s in business; and is certified in a cutting-edge transformation technology that gets you unstuck and back into action.
  • With an uncanny ability to spot barriers and costly mistakes before they derail her clients, Melanie specializes in her proven Hidden Gold process: finding six figure income opportunities hiding in your daily activities.
  • Melanie serves in several associations including being executive director for The Women Speakers Association as well as serves as Programming Chair for Association of Transformational Leaders. She’s invested in high-end mentors such as John Assaraf, participated in and led masterminds with progressive, wildly successful entrepreneurs and is able to bring you wisdom and experience from many sources.
  • With her long-term history as a thought leader in this market, Melanie has extensive, high-profile relationships in the personal development and internet marketing communities, which benefits her clients for resource referrals as well as opening doors to new strategic alliances.

Melanie’s Programs

A pioneer in profit boosting and optimized success, Melanie has been a thought leader with the introduction of these programs over the last 15 years.


Fast Track to a Lifestyle Business


Awakened Leader Alliance (coming in 2017)

Choose Which Level Will Move You The Fastest

All programs are a 6 month minimum

  tlsmall tlsmall
Awaken Leadership Mastermind Call
Awaken Leadership Mastermind Live Q&A Call
Monthly Business Mastery, Monetize & Mindset Training (Video and MP3 Audio)
Monthly Business Mastery Downloadable Action Guide
Quarterly Laser Coaching Call In Day
Profit Boosting Business Assessment
Monday Mantra's
Downloadable Daily Practice Tracker
Monthly Private Coaching Call 30 mins 60 mins 90 mins
½ Day In Person VIP Day (per 6 months)
Access to Build Dream Team Online Program ($1497 value)
10 min Check In Call n/a 1 / mo unlimited
Access to Private FB Community
System or Script Building to Boost Your Super Powers
Interview Host of One Webinar or Teleseminar (Your List)