Why Beliefs Are the Key to Your Success

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When I first started my business I took every marketing, sales and business building class I could find. Coming from the corporate world I was starting from scratch when it came to being an entrepreneur.

I learned how to use the right words to describe my offerings so that my ideal clients would want to buy from me.

And of course, I first learned who my real ideal clients were (and shockingly, it wasn’t EVERYONE.)

Then there was t selling –  the idea of which terrified me. Learning a simple and highly effective way to help a potential client decide if I was the right coach for me was a major breakthrough!

Next was program design, online marketing, cash flow planning and goal setting.

But somehow, even with a mind full of proper business building strategies, I was still stuck at $1,000 a month in business income. I felt stuck at a level of financial success that was frustrating.

Then, something big shifted. I discovered the power of beliefs. And quite frankly, my belief system was programmed to keep me playing small.

Deep down in my subconscious mind I was harboring a conflict between the life I thought I wanted… and the story I made up about how success might destroy it.

It was an internal conflict that was holding me hostage in struggle mode.

And the block between my goal of a six figure business and my current reality was my limiting beliefs.

Not only did I not believe it was possible to have time freedom and prosperity, I didn’t even value money. I told everyone how I didn’t really want to focus on making money. That it would diminish the value of my work.


The truth is my mindset was NOT conditioned to be successful. I was not capable of being successful – yet. So every decision I made reflected my paradigm: struggle.

Then, just before I gave up and got a job, I learned how our beliefs are dictating the level of success we have.

And that sometimes our mind is a trickster who hides the connection between our reality and our beliefs.

That’s when I realized that even though I’d been doing personal development for 15 years and had taken so many trainings that my core belief was set for struggle.

The good news is I learned how to upgrade my beliefs so that my results could also skyrocket. But first, I had to get to the root belief, the one was in charge of creating my current paradigm of what was possible.

I’d like to share what I learned with you too as it’s truly the key to creating success, having a great impact and having a life that you love. My Rewired for Wealth book shares how to rewire your own mindset as well as reveals the 7 main MoneyDNA Mindsets (so you know which one you are.)

Download your free copy of Rewired for Wealth now here.







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