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Coaching Programs

Coaching with a trained professional is one of the most effective ways to shorten your path to better results. Think of coaching like the process of sharpening a knife. When you work with the right mentor, they sharpen your edge so that the process of cutting is more efficient -- and fast.

Most high-achievers know that they can't see in their blind spots but hiring a mentor will help them achieve more than they ever could on their own. Its important that any big leap n business starts with a strong mindset around money and success so that you can activate leverage and awaken the most powerful version of yourself.

Before you choose a coaching path, you'll want to know that Melanie is trained professional coach (she's a certified Results Coach and graduated from Coach University.) She's also built her own 7-figure business so she knows first hand what to do (and more importantly what not to do.) And she's coached hundreds of conscious business owners to produce high six and seven figures in their own businesses.

Now, let's determine which coaching program is best for you...

Mastering Your Mindset

To upgrade your results, you'll need to upgrade your mindset. Mindset determines the quality of your habits, choices and strategies -- and often before you can even SEE whats possible, you'll need to tackle the subconscious limiting beliefs, fears and conflicts that keep you stuck. The MoneyDNA Mastery 90 Day Intensive is designed to identify your sneaky success barriers, upgrade your MoneyDNA Blueprint to "Thrive Mode" and help you install powerful strategies that put wealth on auto-pilot. In this program you'll get the best of three worlds:

  • Nine online training modules (in both video and audio) where Melanie is coaching you through the recoding and MoneyDNA Blueprint upgrade process.
  • Monthly Group mentoring with Melanie and your peers so that you can tap into the "mastermind" approach to breakthroughs and upgraded success strategies.
  • One private laser coaching session to have one on one time with Melanie to get your specific needs addressed.
  • Downloadable Resources like Freedom From Debt, Revenue Projects and daily Wealth Activations.
  • Optional Upgrade to 90 Day MoneyDNA Fast Track to include private one on one coaching with Melanie.

How to Know If this Program is Right For You

  • Your business has erratic cash flow and you often panic or have sleepless nights over this month's bills.
  • When you think about growing your business you feel resistance, see all the reasons why it won't work, or procrastinate.
  • There are quite a few life or business situations that drain your energy and motivation that keep you from focusing on the best actions to grow.
  • You struggle with patterns, limiting beliefs or fears that keep you from growth activities like marketing, selling or managing your money.
  • After finally getting ahead financially, "something" always seem to happen where you fall behind, lose progress or even sabotage your big wins.

If you resonate with one or more of these situations, then start with MoneyDNA Mastery. Register for my FREE Money Mindset Training here or if you know you are ready, enroll in MoneyDNA Here.

Leverage and Lifestyle Coaching Program

If you feel over-worked and haven't been able to achieve your bigger goals, or you've hit your income generation ceiling prematurely, chances are you haven't found all your Leverage Factors yet.

Whether you are a service provider who is locked into selling your time for money or you just want to scale your impact and revenue potential, in this program you'll unlock proven strategies to grow your business while creating time for what's most important.

In this minimum six month program, Melanie will work with you privately to uncover and implement three of your unique and most impactful Leverage Factors. In this program you'll have access to:

  • Online "Leverage and Lifestyle" training modules that you can complete at your pace, on your schedule (available in both video and downloadable audio.)
  • A co-created implementation timeline and high-level action plan.
  • Six month's of private coaching with Melanie to identify Leverage Factors, design your Leveraged Income Offering and fine-tune your marketing and sales strategies.
  • Includes access to the MoneyDNA Mastery monthly LIVE Q&A Calls for group masterminding and support on mindset and uncovering new success barriers.

How to Know If this Program is Right For You


  • You have an established business that can't generate more income without you working more (and you are already working WAY too much!)
  • You are a service-based business or you only have low-fee offerings.
  • The amount of effort you spend is way too high for the amount of money you make (and you need a more sustainable way to grow.)
  • You are ready to enjoy more of your life while continuing to expand your income and impact.
  • The idea of consistently making mid-six to seven figures is appealing and you need a better business model to achieve that goal.

If you resonate with one or more of these situations then the Lifestyle and Leverage Coaching Program is a good fit for you. This program is by application only and has limited availability.

Apply here to schedule a Profit Consultation with Melanie.


Awaken Leadership Mastery

The Awakened Leader Mastermind is designed for high-achieving, mission-driven visionaries, thought leaders and conscious business owners who have a successful business but often feel unfulfilled or overwhelmed with their current approach. In this powerful year-long program, a small group of entrepreneurs who are emerging as leaders will commit to aligning with the highest and best version of themselves to be the leaders that their community and business needs them to be. Recognizing that the strategies that got them to the current level of success no longer serve them, this program is perfect if you are feeling called to evolve your business or offerings and want to collaborate and connect deeply with your peers as you step fully into your next level of success. In this application-only program , you'll be focused on strengthening, optimizing and powering up your business operations and offerings with:

  • Three live in-person "mastermind-type" retreats every 4 - 5 month in the Los Angeles area.
  • One private in-person strategy breakthrough day with Melanie.
  • Four quarterly strategy and planning sessions with Melanie.
  • Monthly small group mastermind "elevation" calls to keep your focus, energy and motivation high while feeling supported with any blind spots or challenges that arise.
  • As needed emergency check in calls with Melanie.
  • Access to any online training modules or materials needed.

How to Know If this Program is Right For You

  • Fast paced growth is creating unique challenges and you often feel you are behind, in chaos and missing out on opportunities.
  • As your business has evolved you no longer feel inspired by where you are in this business.
  • You see yourself as an entrepreneur, not a leader, and find yourself frustrated or overwhelmed by your team.
  • Deep down inside you know that you are not showing up as the best version of yourself and want to be more productive and inspiring.
  • Often you become the bottleneck to growth, decision making and productivity and you must change in order to allow the business to thrive.
  • There are multiple breakdown areas that are now costing you sales or wasted time fixing operational issues.
  • You feel called to lead and inspire greatness in your community, your clients and your team and you want to be in a collaborative, high-vibration community of like-minded business owners.

If this is you, then let's talk. This program is by application only. The first step to share your interest is to complete a Profit Consultation with Melanie here.

Master your Money and Mindset

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