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Coaching Programs

Coaching with a trained professional is one of the most effective ways to shorten your path to better results. Think of coaching like the process of sharpening a knife. When you work with the right mentor, they sharpen your edge so that the process of cutting is more efficient -- and fast.

Most high-achievers know that they can't see in their blind spots but hiring a mentor will help them achieve more than they ever could on their own. Its important that any big leap in business starts with a strong mindset around money and success so that you can activate leverage and awaken the most powerful version of yourself.

Before you choose a coaching path, you'll want to know that Melanie is trained professional coach (she's a certified Results Coach and graduated from Coach University.) She's also built her own 7-figure business so she knows first hand what to do (and more importantly what not to do.) And she's coached hundreds of conscious business owners to produce high six and seven figures in their own businesses.

Now, let's determine which coaching program is best for you...

Get Amplified 90 Minute Strategy Session

90 Minute Private, Virtual Session to Accelerate Results, and Amplify Your Impact

Let's have a date to work on your business so you can create some extraordinary outcomes.

In 90 minutes we can accomplish a lot, and before we meet, I'll send you some questions to help you prepare for our session.

During this time, you not only get my 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, but my 14 years in Corporate, my MBA, my massive marketing and sales training as well as all of the time I invest with my own coaches -- all focused on you, your goals, and a game plan to get you there faster.

This is a perfect starting point if you:

  • Need a clear set of steps to achieve your next big goal or to transition your business into the next level of success.
  • You are looking for strategies and ideas to achieve more, faster, but work less hours in the process.
  • There are hidden barriers or bottlenecks in your way and you need help to identify them and create a better, more sustainable way to grow.
  • You suspect that you are spending way too much time on offers that produce way too little and you'd like help repackaging and monetizing your offers.
  • Its time to hire an assistant, or a team to help you grow and you don't know how to pull this off.

Get All The Strategy Session Details Here 

Once you purchase the session you'll be guided to instructions on how to make the appointment and prepare for your session so you get 110% out of your investment.


VIP Strategy Day

In Person Six Hour Retreat

If you have a huge goal, are making a big change, or your business growth has plateaued, a one-day in person retreat can propel you forward quickly.

During this one day experience, we'll tackle your biggest challenges and bottlenecks, create a roadmap to achieve your next level of success, and get you focused on your high payoff priorities.

This is a perfect next step if you:

  • Recognize you are becoming a leader in your industry and/or business but don't have the confidence or tools to own your emerging role.
  • Need to create a major transition game plan from the business you have to a business that will finally set you free.
  • There is a HUGE initiative or goal  you have set your sights on and it will require a lot of changes and new strategies.
  • You want FAST, accelerated results and six months of coaching just won't due.

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Amplified Success Mastermind

The Amplified Success Mastermind is designed for mission-driven visionaries, thought leaders and conscious business owners who want to grow their income and impact -- and thrive on this journey to greater success.

Enrollments are twice a year and are limited in space.

Find out more about the mastermind and apply here.


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