Six Ways to Spend More Time Doing What Inspires You

Did you start your business with the high hopes that you’d spend every waking moment pouring through piles of receipts trying to update your bookkeeping reports, chasing down past due payments from customers or struggling to keep up with the growing list of marketing tasks to hopefully attract enough sales to stay in business this…

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How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the Biggest Hiring Snafu’s

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the Biggest Hiring Snafu's

Hiring the right people for the job to grow your team is a key part of growing your business. Learning effective delegation skills are crucial for growth! Virtual team management doesn’t have to be a nightmare, Melanie Benson Strick explains how to delegate successfully.

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33 Quotes to Inspire Greater Productivity

Sometimes a simple shift in perspective is all you need to refocus your time and energy on what’s important. Quotes are a great way to trigger your brain to do what works. I love quotes (if you follow me on Twitter you know that every morning at 7:00 am PT I publish a motivational quote…

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