4 Critical Factors Entrepreneurs MUST Measure to Identify Profit Potential

To increase results without working harder, an entrepreneur needs to know how well their current efforts are performing. As Peter Drucker wisely said, “if you can‘t measure it you can’t improve it.” In my experience, you can’t increase profits if you don’t know what works (and what doesn’t.) Yet most of the entrepreneurs I know…

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Starter or Finisher? How Visionary Entrepreneurs Can Stop Struggling with Implementation

Creative entrepreneurs thrive in the generation of new ideas, products and programs. It’s your life blood. The problem isn’t getting a vision of what you want…its sticking with it till its done.

And done doesn’t mean till its in the wrapper ready to ship. It means till you’ve maximized your profits and impact with your idea.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Revenue Plan

Every entrepreneur knows they need a plan to keep them focused on the right goals and activities. But did you know you need a revenue plan to guide the rest of your planning efforts? A revenue plan helps you evaluate what you need to sell in order to generate your desired revenues. In my experience…

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How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Transform You Into a Money Magnet

Six years ago my life was really upside down. I was experiencing several emotionally charged situations all at once — and all I could focus on was the problems, pain and disappointments. Then a really good friend of mine reminded me that all of my energy was focused on what wasn’t working — and I…

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Why Beliefs Are the Key to Your Success

When I first started my business I took every marketing, sales and business building class I could find. Coming from the corporate world I was starting from scratch when it came to being an entrepreneur. I learned how to use the right words to describe my offerings so that my ideal clients would want to…

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