The Exponential Power of the One Thing | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 022

Many entrepreneurs are highly creative and invest a lot of time and energy on creating multiple offerings, books and products but never produce profitable results from their efforts. In today’s episode, learn three simple steps to take to leverage the power of your one best offer.       Key Takeaways: Why the “One Thing”…

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The Energy Secrets Of Leverage with Andrrea Hess | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 021

If you want to grow your impact and income, tap into the power of leveraged offerings. In this episode, my guest Andrrea Hess of Empowered Soul, reveals the essential changes required to successfully grow without becoming a bottleneck. Andrrea Hess is a psychic and spiritual teacher and the creator of Soul Realignment. Soul Realignment is…

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How to Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Prospects | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 020

In this week’s episode I’ll share a simple formula to help you optimize your marketing and sales efforts – and stop wasting time on prospects who aren’t ready, or who will never, buy from you.       Key Takeaways: If you have low enrollments or spend lots of time in sales conversations that don’t…

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The Path to a Full-Time Business, On-air Coaching with Tricia Dycka | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 019

Tricia Dycka is ready to go full time in her coaching business for highly sensitive people, but needs to double her sales. I’ll show her how to redesign her coaching programs so that she can quickly double her income so she can be 100% in her business.       Key Takeaways: I’ll show Tricia…

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How to Liquefy Time to Get More Done | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 018

When you’ve got way too many things that must get done and not enough time, you’ll appreciate having a new way to get everything done. It’s beyond time management, it’s a way to stretch time to match your needs so you can stop feeling overwhelmed in your small business.       Key Takeaways: I’m…

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