Use Facebook as Your Lead Generation Machine with Sherri-Lee Woycik [Podcast]

Sherri-Lee Woycik Facebook

With all the changes with Facebook, is it still a good platform to market YOUR business? Yes, and Sherri-Lee Woycik shows us a couple of ways that Facebook can be a powerful lead generating machine. Listen in for tips on running Facebook Ads on a minimal budget plus what every business owner can do to…

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Coaching High Achievers into the 4% with Rich Litvin [Podcast]


High Achievers are ultra-capable of extraordinary success, but they can also get in their own way. Rich Litvin, author of The Prosperous Coach, reveals the pitfalls many high achievers fall into and a few simple ways we can access the top 4% successful people in the world. Listen in to learn how high achievers get…

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Transforming Our Future Leaders as a Parenting Coach with Jolette Jai [Podcast]

What’s the fastest way to increase your impact in the world? Upgrade your offerings from 1 – 1 to group trainings. Jolette Jai has a passion for transforming today’s children to become powerful leaders by changing how parents connect with them. Jolette shares how she is impacting thousands of parents across the globe through The…

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The Mindset That Dictates Higher Levels of Success [Podcast]

What characteristics do entrepreneurs need to create higher levels of success? Your mindset and character has massive influence over your results. In this week’s Power Up Session, you’ll learn what mindset upgrade you need to be able to put high 6 – 7 figure revenues on auto-pilot. [bctt tweet=”Melanie discusses one of the most-asked questions.…

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