5 Compelling Characteristics of a Thought Leader

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A thought leader has gained a certain level of influence by inspiring others through their ideas, offerings or way of being. A thought leader has risen to a peak in their career, positioning themselves for visibility and as an authority in their field. I’ve noticed that thought leaders share certain characteristics that help them become…

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How Leaders Think: 21 Quotes that Inspire Greatness

What is a leader? Is it someone who runs a big corporation? Has massive responsibility for managing hundreds of people? Yes. But you don’t have to fit that description to have the kind of influence that is shaping the destiny of others. A leader is someone who, through their actions, is inspiring new outcomes, possibilities…

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Top 5 Character “Defects” of a Visionary Thought Leader

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If you are a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader, or a change-maker, chances are you were told many times throughout your life that you had character defects and would never be able to achieve success.  Entrepreneurs often exhibit character traits early on in life that are the OPPOSITE of the people around us. And because they…

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Make Decisions with Your Internal GPS | Podcast

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As business owners and entrepreneurs, discover how to make better decisions that stick – and don’t derail you from your goals – by using your Internal GPS. This process is one that I personally learned during a time that I struggled to make decisions. After years of needing other people’s approval, I realized I had…

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Make More Mistakes

Yes, you read that right. You should be making more mistakes. For me to be able to write that sentence is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve spent my entire life avoiding making any mistakes. And you know what, it’s impossible to NOT make a mistake in life. Let alone in your business. So what…

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