Make Decisions with Your Internal GPS | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 014 (1)

As business owners and entrepreneurs, discover how to make better decisions that stick – and don’t derail you from your goals – by using your Internal GPS. This process is one that I personally learned during a time that I struggled to make decisions. After years of needing other people’s approval, I realized I had…

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Make More Mistakes

Yes, you read that right. You should be making more mistakes. For me to be able to write that sentence is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve spent my entire life avoiding making any mistakes. And you know what, it’s impossible to NOT make a mistake in life. Let alone in your business. So what…

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What To Do When Others Don’t Support Your Vision

As a trail blazer and change maker, chances are you have a vision to achieve something extraordinary. When you get fired up about an idea you probably dream about it day and night – and that passion and excitement fuels you to keep going. But what happens when you share that vision with people who…

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Six Ways to Spend More Time Doing What Inspires You

Did you start your business with the high hopes that you’d spend every waking moment pouring through piles of receipts trying to update your bookkeeping reports, chasing down past due payments from customers or struggling to keep up with the growing list of marketing tasks to hopefully attract enough sales to stay in business this…

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Why I Rebranded After 15 Years in Business

Melanie Benson Rebranded

After fifteen years in business I’ve rebranded in a BIG way – not only did I create a new look for my website but I’m also changing my business name too! Why would I invest time and energy into a rebrand now? Well this decision wasn’t exactly logical or practical. Creating a new brand can…

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