Why Being Busy Isn’t Your Best Success Strategy

Have you ever found yourself so busy that you are dropping balls, feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with everything? Listen, I get it, being busy is a lot better than twiddling your thumbs, hoping to drum up some action. As an entrepreneur, however, there’s a success myth that you may have fallen for…

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5 Ways to Free Up Time to Grow Your Business

One of the biggest challenges for visionary leaders and creative entrepreneurs is running out of time. We all wish we had another 24 hours in the day to get more done. Seems that our most valued resource is our time — and yet its the one thing we have the least of and can’t get…

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4 Reasons To Plan Creative Space in Your Calendar


When you look at your calendar what do you see? Days filled from morning till evening with appointments and projects that never end? Or do you see intentional activities with a few well placed “space blocks?” Most fast-paced entrepreneurs fill their days (and nights) with so much activity that they never have space to be…

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Why I Rebranded After 15 Years in Business

Melanie Benson Rebranded

After fifteen years in business I’ve rebranded in a BIG way – not only did I create a new look for my website but I’m also changing my business name too! Why would I invest time and energy into a rebrand now? Well this decision wasn’t exactly logical or practical. Creating a new brand can…

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4 Things Thriving Entrepreneurs DON’T Do

There’s a lot of struggle and busyness out there amongst entrepreneurs. Yesterday as I was leading my monthly MoneyDNA call one of my clients said, “Melanie I’m so busy and overwhelmed keeping up with my current level of success — I can’t imagine how I can ever handle MORE success.” You see my client had…

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