A Surprising Fact about Dissatisfaction and Your Motivation

Many entrepreneurs wake up every day with a sense of perpetual dissatisfaction… I have so many goals I haven’t achieved yet! My wealth isn’t big enough yet. I haven’t made a significant impact yet! There is a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction when you focus on all of the “not yets” instead of everything you have…

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Need Accountability? You Might Need a Better Goal

As a coach, I’ve often had clients need accountability on the tasks they commit to. For many years I struggled with why some clients need accountability and some don’t. Honestly I’m not really an accountability coach and I’ve found that the clients who get the best results were inspired to take quick, decisive action. When…

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Outcome Engineering Your Million Dollar Growth with Kari Hagensmith [Podcast]


If you’ve got your sights set on a million dollar business (or any really big vision), try this powerful goal-getting technique: outcome engineer a direct path to your goal. Kari Hagensmith, co-founder of The Secret Weapon, Inc., reveals how to get crystal-clear on your ideal business growth so that you can forge a path to…

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Coaching High Achievers into the 4% with Rich Litvin [Podcast]


High Achievers are ultra-capable of extraordinary success, but they can also get in their own way. Rich Litvin, author of The Prosperous Coach, reveals the pitfalls many high achievers fall into and a few simple ways we can access the top 4% successful people in the world. Listen in to learn how high achievers get…

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Transforming Our Future Leaders as a Parenting Coach with Jolette Jai [Podcast]

What’s the fastest way to increase your impact in the world? Upgrade your offerings from 1 – 1 to group trainings. Jolette Jai has a passion for transforming today’s children to become powerful leaders by changing how parents connect with them. Jolette shares how she is impacting thousands of parents across the globe through The…

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