Four Ways FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Is Costing Your Business Profits

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a chronic sense that others might be having opportunities and experiences that you are not participating in.  While FOMO is becoming more and more pervasive with social media highlighting everyone’s exciting news, it can also become a costly trigger driven by envy and a desire to keep up with…

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3 Hidden Profit Leaks Plaguing Your Bottom Line

Blog Post Profit Leaks

Most small business owners know that they must increase sales in order to improve their bottom line. But often lurking behind the scenes is a costly situation — common revenue building techniques that are actually causing your profits to leak out of your bank account. Now I know that common advice out there is to…

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Top 5 Character “Defects” of a Visionary Thought Leader

Defects Visionary Leader

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader, or a change-maker, chances are you were told many times throughout your life that you had character defects and would never be able to achieve success.  Entrepreneurs often exhibit character traits early on in life that are the OPPOSITE of the people around us. And because they…

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Year End Power Wrap Up Process for Entrepreneurs

How you close out the year can either set you up to feel disappointment — or position you powerfully to achieve bigger, more aligned goals in the new year. I like my year-end ritual, its a way of honoring a year full of learnings that can serve me well as I plan for a year…

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Why Doing Stuff That Scares You is Good for Your Business

If you are reading this, you might just be a lot like me. You may feel called to create and serve on a much bigger level than you feel capable of right now. Whether its taking the leap out of a J.O.B. safety net to create your own business or you know its time to…

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