4 Reasons To Plan Creative Space in Your Calendar


When you look at your calendar what do you see? Days filled from morning till evening with appointments and projects that never end? Or do you see intentional activities with a few well placed “space blocks?” Most fast-paced entrepreneurs fill their days (and nights) with so much activity that they never have space to be…

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How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the Biggest Hiring Snafu’s

How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the Biggest Hiring Snafu's

Hiring the right people for the job to grow your team is a key part of growing your business. Learning effective delegation skills are crucial for growth! Virtual team management doesn’t have to be a nightmare, Melanie Benson Strick explains how to delegate successfully.

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Why I Rebranded After 15 Years in Business

Melanie Benson Rebranded

After fifteen years in business I’ve rebranded in a BIG way – not only did I create a new look for my website but I’m also changing my business name too! Why would I invest time and energy into a rebrand now? Well this decision wasn’t exactly logical or practical. Creating a new brand can…

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5 Signs Overwhelm is Eroding Your Competence

With a new idea every 17 seconds, a highly creative entrepreneur has a really difficult time with overwhelm. Bright shiny objects lurk inside every email, conversation and Facebook status update. But did you know that a pattern of overwhelm can actually erode your competency in your work?

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How High Earners THINK Differently

I remember the first time I had the big a-ha around money mindset. I was in a mastermind with a few other entrepreneurs when one of the members who was not having a good financial year said to another, “If you want to increase your revenues you have to start thinking like a high earner…

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