Year End Power Wrap Up Process for Entrepreneurs

How you close out the year can either set you up to feel disappointment — or position you powerfully to achieve bigger, more aligned goals in the new year. I like my year-end ritual, its a way of honoring a year full of learnings that can serve me well as I plan for a year…

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Why Doing Stuff That Scares You is Good for Your Business

If you are reading this, you might just be a lot like me. You may feel called to create and serve on a much bigger level than you feel capable of right now. Whether its taking the leap out of a J.O.B. safety net to create your own business or you know its time to…

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3 Consistency Tips to Eliminate a Revenue Rollercoaster


The top 3 keys are expressed on how to stay consistent and avoid a rollercoaster with your revenue. Melanie shares some fundamental success solutions that will evolve your business.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Revenue Plan

Every entrepreneur knows they need a plan to keep them focused on the right goals and activities. But did you know you need a revenue plan to guide the rest of your planning efforts? A revenue plan helps you evaluate what you need to sell in order to generate your desired revenues. In my experience…

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9 Strategies to Increase Productivity and Profits FAST

What if you could get ten times more done, work 50% less and continue to triple your revenues in the process? Who wouldn’t want that, right? I’ve put together a list of my top 10 “Go-To” tips for boosting my personal productivity and bottom line. Review this list and pick one or two to put…

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