Spark a Bold, Inspiring Vision for Your Business | Podcast Episode 57

Spark a Bold, Inspiring Vision for Your Business

A bold vision for your small business keeps your inspiring high and can be the answer to feeling stuck or losing track of your priorities. But sometimes that vision eludes an entrepreneur and they end up chasing bright shiny objects or getting energetically stuck and lose momentum. In Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 57, let’s…

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Get Booked So You Can Deliver Your Message to Millions with Guest Jackie Lapin | Podcast Episode 56

Getting booked on stages and for radio interviews is a key strategy for anyone who wants to share their message to more people. Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to increase sales or an author or change-maker who wants to inspire more people through your own story, you’ll want to…

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Masterminds: Leverage Wisdom to Accelerate Business Results

For over twenty years I’ve participated in masterminds to accelerate my personal and professional growth. If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a mastermind group then let me explain. A mastermind is a group of people who come together to share ideas, create new opportunities and leverage each other’s brain power. To me, the…

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Six Business and Life Learnings That Became My Rocket Boosters | Podcast Episode 55

The year 2017 was definitely a challenging year for so many people I know – me included. In addition to getting re-married, I took on a lot of new projects and started to stretch my wings into the new brand for my business. A lot of 2017 was very frustrating, disappointing and challenging as I…

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4 Steps to Get Your Finances In Order | Podcast Episode 54

Just because an entrepreneur is making money in their business doesn’t mean that the business owner has healthy finance habits. I’ve witnessed many seven figure business owners go belly-up almost overnight – just because they didn’t have their finances in order. In Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 54 I’m covering 4 ways to get your…

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