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You've probably worked pretty hard to get where you are -- but you know that you can't get to your next level of success the way you got here, right?

You know you need bigger, bolder strategies that will allow you to scale your impact without giving up your life in the process.

And you probably realize that you need a new set of beliefs, habits and strategies that will allow you to keep growing.

Perhaps you find yourself in a completely new approach to your business now that you've achieved this level of success -- money alone isn't enough to keep you inspired. You feel called to do something new, something great, something BOLD.

But like many, maybe you don't quite know how to pull that off.

Or you get overwhelmed with way too many commitments and moving parts.

And sometimes, those fears and doubts kick in, and you wonder, "Can I really do this?"

This is the stage of awakening leadership.

A BOLD version of you where you can expand your impact and income exponentially.

A more Courageous Leader who is authentic and true to what's really important as you lead your great movement.

An Evolved Leader that inspires others to achieve more in innovative ways.

Where you are right now requires a new set of rules, heck, there are no rules here, and its an amazing space to create your next level of success from.

That place is at the Awaken Leadership Retreat.

I've spent the last 25 years as a leader in different spaces. My own business growth required me to shift out of being the entrepreneur and into a leader ten years ago.

But nothing prepared me for Awakened Leadership.

Being good at making money and growing a business isn't the same as being able to hold space for the significant impact you will have on others.

I found myself in a place emotionally, energetically and physically where I needed a new set of tools to be the leader my business demanded on me.

So I spent the last 7 years doing the deep inner work of cracking through my ego and mastering a new way to lead. And of course, new clients showed up, hungry for a more sustainable and profitable way to integrate soulful business practices.

That's how the Awaken Leadership Retreat was born. If you are inspiring others to achieve more, leading a team, or feel called to a bold vision that's much bigger than yourself, then join me and an exclusive small group of your peers for my Awaken Leadership Retreat.

This is a unique space where YOU drive the agenda and I hold space to awaken the most courageous and powerful version of you as a leader, authority and trailblazer. Here's a peek into what we will co-create at the retreat:

  • Strengthen your intuitive decision making muscle so that it becomes your sixth sense.
  • Activate your Authority Influence so your programs and marketing efforts position you as the only option.
  • Deepen your ability to "let go to grow" so that you are leading more and spending less time in the weeds.
  • Ignite a higher level of confidence and courage to tackle a bigger game.
Brian Kaskavalciyan

“Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business…When I give her money I make a heck of a lot more money!”

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Awaken Leadership Retreat Details

During the 2 1/2 day in person retreat, you and a small, intimate group of emerging and growing entrepreneurial leaders will join me just outside of Los Angeles for a transformational experience so that you leave this retreat feeling inspired, recharged and focused on your growth strategy.

Here's some of the details of the May 11 & 12 retreat:

  • 1


    The two day event will be held just outside Los Angeles, California in the Agoura Hills area. Its an easy flight into LAX or Burbank Airport, and a beautiful area for retreat.

  • 2

    Retreat Sessions

    The retreat will kick off and end with powerful "expansion sessions" to support you in leveling up your ability to lead powerfully. Through out the two day retreat, I'll bring in tools, resources and experiences to help you eliminate bottlenecks, breakdowns and barriers that you are facing. The goal is to clarify your bold vision and activate the resources you need to soar as an authority, thought leader and visionary leader.

  • 3

    Mastermind Sessions

    Each participant will have a chance to experience time in a Profit Seat, a dedicated 20 minute spotlight on where you are and what you need to thrive as you achieve your bold vision.

  • 4

    Profit Assessment

    All participants will be asked to complete a Profit Assessment prior to the retreat and share it with me so we both have clarity on where you are, what you need and key areas to uplevel.

Gail Watson

“As the facilitator to our annual leadership retreat, Melanie went above and beyond any expectations. We returned from our retreat stronger and united as a team with clearer objectives, commitment to goals and to the growth of our association.

I have never experienced such powerful energy from any meeting that I’ve ever attended.

Melanie empowered me as a leader providing personal coaching on how to implement and follow through on new systems, on how to communicate with individual learning styles and making sure that I stayed aligned with our team’s goals.

My expectations were truly exceeded.”

Gail Watson President, Women Speakers Association

    What We Will Cover...

    This retreat will integrate the Awaken Leadership process with an organic flow tailoring the experience to meet the needs of the participants. Here's some of what will be covered:

    • 1

      Elevate Your Millions Mindset

      The shift from entrepreneur who does almost everything to the "CEO" and leader of a business requires a new way of thinking. In order to eliminate bad habits that keep you overwhelmed doing busy work, we'll integrate a "millions" (or maybe its "billions" for you) mindset that helps you create success from a new perspective.

    • 2

      Personal Productivity Formula

      From time management to delegation to operating more efficiently, we'll uncover YOUR personal productivity formula so that you can scale your impact while creating more time for what's important in your life.

    • 3

      Bold Growth Strategies

      If you are working way too hard pr have become the bottleneck to your next level of growth, the perfect next step is to explore how you can leverage your time and talent to produce exponential growth in your bottom line. With a fresh eye on your business, and access to a mastermind of extraordinary talents, you'll be able to identify a bold new growth strategy designed to accelerate bigger outcomes.

    • 4

      Awaken Your Greatness

      During the Awaken Leadership Retreat, you'll dig deep and uncover a new version of you where you access your next level with more ease and grace. Call it "flow state" or becoming a more evolved and conscious human being, be prepared for a mental and physical upgrade where higher levels of success happen almost on auto-pilot.

    • 5

      Influential Authority Boosters

      Unleashing the most powerful version of you often means you'll uncover a better, more powerful way to position your expertise within your industry. Be prepared to identify at least one way you can elevate your authority within your community.

    Joanna Vargas

    “My mindset has completely shifted since working with Melanie Benson. I have been working with Melanie for one year and the coaching has had a huge impact and transformation on my business, mindset and personal life.

    I was able to complete a new business venture from creation to execution with the assistance of Melanie. This was the absolute hardest situation I was ever in professionally and without Melanie’s help, I am not sure how I would have been able to breathe and live through it successfully. My integrity, love and spirit was strongly tested and with Melanie’s coaching, I was successfully able to build a long living music festival with national musical artists.

    Every time I speak with Melanie, I grow and level up my mind and spirit. I am excited to unfold what’s next for me through the assistance of Melanie and her aligning wisdom.”

    Joanna Vargas Bad Ass Chicks Rock

    This is a perfect starting point if you:

    • Have started to hire employees or contractors to help you grow and often feel disappointed with your hire.
    • Feel overwhelmed, burned out or exhausted with trying to grow your income and impact.
    • Realize that you have become the bottleneck and often under-delegate or micro-manage.
    • Know that something isn't working in your approach to achieving your big, bold vision of success.
    • Experience a lot of doubts, fears, worries or struggle with your confidence.
    • Are chasing way too many opportunities or feel like you are spinning out of control.
    • Experience frequent breakdowns in your team's (or your) approach to fast growth.
    • Would like a better and more soulful way to grow so that you don't lose your calm along the way.
    • Often feel alone and isolated from others who "get you" in your career.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Step one is to apply for a seat in this exclusive small group mastermind retreat with a small refundable deposit of $150.

    Once your deposit has been made, you'll be given a short questionnaire to complete along with a link to schedule a call with Melanie to ensure that this event is the right next step for you.
    Apply Now

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • q-iconI'm Just Getting Started, Is This a Good Event For Me?

      If you are just starting your business as a solo-preneur and are not making any money and don’t have any team members, this retreat is not right for you and you won’t be accepted.

      If however, you are starting a new business and you are hiring a team or contracts, then this may be a good fit. Apply for a seat and if you and Melanie mutually agree its not the right fit, you may either apply your deposit to another program or receive a refund of your deposit.

    • q-iconWhat Happens If I Enroll and Can't Make It

      If you find that you can’t make the retreat once you enroll, you can reschedule your attendance to a future event if notice is given two weeks in advance. If notice is given within two weeks of the advance, you will unfortunately not be able to transfer or receive a refund. If a suitable replacement can be arranged up to five days prior and with approval from Melanie, your ticket may be transferred.

    • q-iconWhat's Melanie's Credentials?

      Melanie has been in leadership positions since her time at a Fortune 500 company. Her super-power is helping entrepreneurs emerge into leadership while building a profitable business.

      She has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management, is the Programming Chair for the Association of Transformational Leaders, and serves on the Executive Board for the Women Speakers Association.

      One of Melanie’s most successful programs for over 10 years is Build Your Dream Team, which shows entrepreneurs exactly how to hire, train and lead A players to create a high six to seven figure business.

    • q-iconHow Many People Will There Be?

      The retreat will be a small, intimate group somewhere between 10 and 20.

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