Let's share our wisdom and collectively inspire thought leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, change agents and business leaders to achieve greatness together.

I'm excited to host The Awaken Leadership Virtual Summit with 11 others extraordinary thought leaders.

This virtual summit is meant to create a new, more evolved conversation on how the people who are leading others can create more powerful transformation by awakening conscious, profitable leadership.

Event Details

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    Promotion Period

    The promotion period runs from April 3 to April 21st. You'll promote the series as well as your individual session via an email, social media and any other creative ideas you might have.

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    The Virtual Summit Dates

    The summit runs from April 17 - April 21st, with session starting at 9 am PT. Each day will have 1 - 2 sessions.

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    The event is free to listen the day of for Silver Level attendees. Gold attendees will pay $77 for unlimited access, downloadable recordings and a post-event produced downloadable guidebook with each speakers takeaways and gift offers. You will receive 50% of any of your referrals who upgrade to Gold.

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    My Thank You Gifts

    As a small token of my gratitude, we'll gift you the Gold Level of the summit so you can listen to all the amazing guest experts. And, if you are inspired to go deeper with Awaken Leadership, we will give you 50% off the Awaken Leadership Mastermind Retreat on May 11 & 12.

Here's who is in (so far) and their topics...

  • Special Guest SARK: Succulence as a Powerful Tool
  • Jim Palmer: The Million Dollar Platform
  • Eiji Morishita: Leading Your Movement
  • Bob Burg: The Go Giver Leader
  • Dr Romie Mushtaq: Mindful Leadership
  • Terry Wildeman: Intuitive Leadership - How to Avoid Burnout
  • Michelle Prince: Elevate Your Impact Platform with a Book
  • Gail Watson, President, Women Speakers Association: Leading Global Impact One Message At A Time
  • Laura Gisborne: Giving Causes Growing

Some of the topics I'd like to cover are:

  • How to lead a movement that inspires others into positive, powerful action
  • The shift from entrepeneur (aka doer) to leader -- and what that means to them
  • Priority management and focus for fast-growing business owners
  • Leading people vs. managing people -- how to uplevel your ability to get more done
  • What's possible in this new paradigm of conscious business leadership
  • How collaboration and partnerships are the new ecomony for global impact
  • The truth about stress, self-care and how our energy effects our leadership
  • Dealing with uncomfortable, often negative emotions that can derail momentum
  • Money, profit and finances -- how awakened leaders integrate impact and wealth
  • Becoming the leader our business requires us to be to achieve our big goals

What We Need From You to Participate

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    Your Interview

    A 30 minute pre-recorded video session with Melanie covering your "Awaken Leadership" principle or tip along with your interview. These interviews will be pre-recorded on Zoom and will need you to record in a place where you have direct connection to your internet and good lighting.

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    Your Gift

    Each participant will have the ability to share a FREE gift or resource. This is best if it ties into your topic and or expertise. The gift link will be shared on your interview page.

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    Your Commitment To Promote

    Because this is a co-created and collaborative event, each featured expert will be required to promote the summit and their presentation. With my mailing list and social media platforms, we'll reach almost 75,000 people alone. And with each participant committed to bringing at least 500 participants to the summit, we'll be able to reach close to 100,000 people.

    Are you In? Let's Get Started...

    Step One.

    If we have not yet discussed your topic or we need to discuss details, let's set up a time to talk this week. We'll need to get your details quickly to include you for the event. My calendar is below, or you can email us some times that work for you at support@successconnections.com.

    Yes, I’m Interested, Let’s Talk Melanie

    Step Two.

    Submit your materials at the link below and schedule your time to pre-record your video interview. Interviews will be completed by April 1st and will take place on Monday, Tuesday afternoon or Friday's. You can email my assistant your two preferred times and we'll get you schedule right away!

    Submit Your Interview Materials Here

    Step Three.

    Please mark your calendar for your email and social media promotion commitments so you don't forget (wink wink.)

    More details and promotional materials will be provided by April 1st.

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