Five Signs An Entrepreneur is Ready to Awaken Leadership | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 017

As an entrepreneur, becoming a leader can be a real pivot in your ability to take your business to new levels. In this week’s episode, I talk about what it means to awaken leadership – from how it can improve decisions and profits to how it can leave a lasting impact on the world.  …

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How Leaders Think: 21 Quotes that Inspire Greatness

What is a leader? Is it someone who runs a big corporation? Has massive responsibility for managing hundreds of people? Yes. But you don’t have to fit that description to have the kind of influence that is shaping the destiny of others. A leader is someone who, through their actions, is inspiring new outcomes, possibilities…

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How to Avoid Growth Bottlenecks That Derail Your Big Vision | Podcast

AMS Podcast Ep 16

A fast growing business can sometimes experience costly breakdowns and unconscious bottlenecks. It happens to every entrepreneur that tries to grow to the next level of success the same way you got to this level. In this week’s podcast episode I’ll introduce you to the most common growth bottlenecks and how to avoid them so…

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Top 5 Character “Defects” of a Visionary Thought Leader

Defects Visionary Leader

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader, or a change-maker, chances are you were told many times throughout your life that you had character defects and would never be able to achieve success.  Entrepreneurs often exhibit character traits early on in life that are the OPPOSITE of the people around us. And because they…

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The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings with Dr. Joan Rosenberg | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 015

Most humans like to push away difficult feelings, especially when those feelings lead you into emotions that derail your progress towards your goals. Dr. Joan Rosenberg shares how to recognize uncomfortable thoughts and what to do so that they become catalysts for mindset breakthroughs. In this week’s podcast, I’m sharing this process with you.  …

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