Why Entrepreneurs Resist Planning (and 4 Plans that Result in Big Pay Days)

It happened again. A great idea just dropped in. It’s the big one. The one that will generate MILLIONS and make a big splash on the industry! You jump in and start working on it. You share your idea with your team and everyone is furiously burning the midnight oil to get this program up…

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Fueling Success from the Inside Out | Podcast Episode 52

The fitness industry is well known for using shame to get you in line and buy their products. In episode 52 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, my friend and guest JJ Flizanes shares how she is determined to eliminate body shame as a motivator for increasing your health and achieving your physical goals. “We are…

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Leverage The Mass Media to Build Your Authority with Guest Tanya Targett | Podcast Episode 51

Everyone’s got one. A story that is. But are you leveraging it to land that coveted media opportunity? Crafting and telling your story is a key strategy to gain media exposure. In episode 51 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, my friend Tanya Targett joins me to talk about the power of a story, not just…

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10 Tips to Being a Sought-After Podcast Guest

Podcasts are quickly becoming a great visibility platform. It’s an inexpensive marketing technique (just your time) that does not require travel to share your message with an audience of prospects. Get on the right high-profile podcast, Facebook Live or radio show and you could have an avalanche of new leads overnight. Having produced my own…

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Transform Failure into a Success Catalyst | Podcast Episode 50

Gratitude: How a Shift in Focus is Good For your Business

When something in your business doesn’t work the way you had hoped, do you see it as a learning experience or fall into a spiral of negativity? Learning to fail gracefully can be the key to accelerating success. If you fail faster and give yourself permission to fail, you’ll achieve more of your bold goals.…

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