Profit Boosting Secrets Most Entrepreneurs Miss | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 023

Revenue alone is not enough to keep your business from experiencing frustrating cash flow crunches. In order to sustain an entrepreneurs’ growth, refocus your efforts on becoming a profitable business.       Key Takeaways: I’ll walk you through how I helped a struggling 7 figure business owner find fast profits in her consulting and…

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Four Ways FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Is Costing Your Business Profits

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a chronic sense that others might be having opportunities and experiences that you are not participating in.  While FOMO is becoming more and more pervasive with social media highlighting everyone’s exciting news, it can also become a costly trigger driven by envy and a desire to keep up with…

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The Exponential Power of the One Thing | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 022

Many entrepreneurs are highly creative and invest a lot of time and energy on creating multiple offerings, books and products but never produce profitable results from their efforts. In today’s episode, learn three simple steps to take to leverage the power of your one best offer.       Key Takeaways: Why the “One Thing”…

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3 Hidden Profit Leaks Plaguing Your Bottom Line

Blog Post Profit Leaks

Most small business owners know that they must increase sales in order to improve their bottom line. But often lurking behind the scenes is a costly situation — common revenue building techniques that are actually causing your profits to leak out of your bank account. Now I know that common advice out there is to…

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The Energy Secrets Of Leverage with Andrrea Hess | Podcast

AMS Podcast Episode 021

If you want to grow your impact and income, tap into the power of leveraged offerings. In this episode, my guest Andrrea Hess of Empowered Soul, reveals the essential changes required to successfully grow without becoming a bottleneck. Andrrea Hess is a psychic and spiritual teacher and the creator of Soul Realignment. Soul Realignment is…

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